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Return to a an 8 hr work day after Harvoni treatment?

A 60 yr old male, 30 years with untreated HCV on organic food. In 9/17 collapsed from high stress job and HCV liver inflammation. Confirmed through CT scans / blood work = no cancer tumors, no pulmonary condition, lungs clear but cirrhotic liver Stage 4 with enlarged spleen. Has not worked since 9/17, no insurance. Trying to get on Harvoni. There is nerve damage on the left side of the body - suspect mini-stroke in 9/17. Is currently on diuretics for ascites and edema. So far has lost 50 liters of fluid over the past 7 months.

Query is in regard to POST medical treatments and whether anyone of this age has returned to a full time position or is prior damage done permanently disabling and irreversible. Thank you.
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There are was to get your meds from other countries. I did 8 weeks of Harvoni because insurance trying to save a buck and my hep c is back. I am paying out of pocket this time and get it from India. I am going to do a different drug this time for 4 to 6 months. Might be your only option unless you can afford $100000 plus in USA
Brad - thanks for responding.  I have 2 references for legal licensed generic Harvoni from India.
Are you 60 yrs+ and can you work a full 8 hour day? My family is at poverty level now. I went from a 6 figure income to unable to work with no insurance. Thanks buddy.
I am 53 but the rest applies.
Ok - thanks again Brad - I hope you clear after your next treatment.
I'm trying to collect answers to the question of being able to return to quality of life and proceed in any kind of normal existence. There seems to be very little info available on HCV senior survivors quality of life - such as whether actually working a job is even possible, etc.
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Try hepatitis central on Delphi forums, they also have some other hep c forums on their.
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Hi Garnet

So sorry to hear you are having such a rough go of things.

Fo me I am 60. I learned I had hep c in late 1990 but was probably infected in 1978.

I treated 3 times with interferon based treatment in the past with no success. I was eventually diagnosed with cirrhosis in January 2008.

Relapsed on one of the new meds in 2014. I next retreated with Harvoni and ribavirin for 24 weeks and was finally cured.

My insurance through my employer paid for my treatment. The cost of the Harvoni for 24 weeks would have cost $189,000.00

I have worked full time through out all my previous treatments except for 2 weeks on interferon and ribavirin because I became severely anemic.

I am currently working full time. I see my specialist every year and have blood testing and abdominal ultrasounds done every 6 months. I had esophageal  varicies in 2012 that needed to be banded. I have some edema and was taking a diuretic but have discontinued because I was getting some horrible leg cramps and would rather have the edema than the cramps.

So that is about it for me.

Hoping you can achieve better health soon.
Thank you so much for the hopeful outlook. Best of health to you in recovery.
I am treatment naive - thank God.
No fibrosis per CT scans which is a huge plus.
I'm doing my research as to the next direction I'll take. I'm just being very cautious.
I'm definitely purchasing a 3 wk Harvoni treatment to begin with bc all reputable GIs/hepatologists in my area are booked through July '18 and I cannot wait.

Up to this point I have personally ordered all my blood work to keep expenses down. My plan is to book an appt in July but start the treatment now. The GI can catch up and monitor treatment at that point. I have concluded that gentle diuretics would help me during the treatment as well.  

Thoughts are always welcomed.
"I'm definitely purchasing a 3 wk Harvoni treatment" you mean 3 months (12 weeks) I hope?
Hello Garnett
You said in your first post you are chirrotic and  then you said no fibrosis???
Tx . Regimes may differ depending on what is the actual Amt. of damage
Good point willbb.

Cirrhosis is advanced liver scarring aka fibrosis. How was your cirrhosis diagnosed? You said “no fibrosis per CAT scan” which is in direct conflict with a diagnosis of cirrhosis.
Well there you go friends - brain fog at its best - so sorry for the mix-up.

Thank you to flyinlynn and willbb for so gently drawing my attention to this.

So yes I have Stage 4 cirrhosis with a couple lesions, cysts and nodules thrown in. Of course the HCV is present too. I'm pretty deteriorated at this point - weak, catabolic wasting, ascites, portal hypertension, some upper abdominal varices, and an enlarged spleen. I'm on a gentle diuretic that has helped reduce the edema.

I've ordered generic Harvoni - yes for a 24 week treatment in 12 week increments.

Thank for the clarity guys.
No worries happen to the best of us :-)

I did 24 weeks along with ribavirin because of my prior treatment history.

Best of luck
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