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Sewing Needle

Thank you God i find a reliable and trusthy site for my anxities.

Yesterday my brother fixed his contruction site uniform by sewing needle and accidentally pricked himself by the sewing needle. I didnt see if the blood came up but im sure that my brother pricked by needle due that he shouted after the accident. He put the needle nearby the ligther and cigarettes when i take a ligther im shocked that the needle is my hand. But i didnt feel the needle that hit my skin im just shocked that the needle is in my palm of my hands...im shock so i check if the needle hit my skin..Ten minutes i checked my hands but there is no visible blood or wound in my hand...

1. Do you think im in risk in my case?
2. If my brother is hepatitis positive and pricked by the needle and accidentally ***** my self also but theres no visible wound or blood or the needle didnt make any damage of my skin do you think im in risk of hepatitis?
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No doctors~only people affected by hep C.

Your post has been answered by one of the most knowledgble members here~Hector.
"You can't get the virus from someone who doesn't have it."

BTW: We are not the site for anxieties, that's the OCD forum
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My Brother is hepatitis negative...He got his medical last six months ago...

I dont his status now...

Any help..No visible blood and wound in my hands
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Find out if your brother has hepatitis C. Most likely he doesn't. (Only 2% of population is infected with hep C).
You can't get the virus from someone who doesn't have it.

Good luck.
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