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Skin to Skin Exposure

I was on the hospital yesterday. For my skin rashes, my rashes have a open wounds that time, Is not active bleeding, theres is no blood oozing from the skin, but the rashes is open because i scratched it,

the Doctor rubbing (touches) my rashes with his fingers and i did not see if his finger have a open wound also but im sure that theres no blood stain where doctor touches the skin, in worst case scenario,

If the finger of Doctor have a open wounds and bleeding and rub( touch) my open wound (rashes),

theres a chance of transmission of hepatitis in my case?

Thank you
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Your doctor doesn’t wear gloves? Standard protocol for medical providers in the US is to wash their hands between patients and wear gloves

But none the less no risk.
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The Doctor doesnt wear the gloves during my check up,  i  did not know if he washed his hand or use sanitizer, because i waited for him in room, separated with other patient
He very likely did wash his hands with a sanitizing soap between patients. But in any event this is not a known means of transmission this is not listed by the CDC as a risk.

Hep c is not easily contracted if it were many more than about 3.5% of the population would be infected.  Even in the case where a healthcare worker should experience an accidental needlestick involving a patient with known hepatitis C the odds of transmission in that situation are only about 1.8%.

I would think you would notice if either you or the doctor had fresh actively bleeding wounds not just a few superficial scratches on you.

Now if you were to perform a blood brother type activity with someone who has hep c that could be a risk but what you have described is not a risk.

Nope not a chance
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I’m sure he did.

There is zero evidence of hepatitis c being transmitted in the manner you have described.
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My rashes does not have a scab during that time, and it is an one hour open wound, there a still redness if the skin because still open, still i had no risk? Thank you and will not bother you again,
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A one hour old wound is not an open wound.

A doctor is not going to give you hep c


Or to borrow a comment from your same question in the HIV forum

There is no chance for infection with HCV. HCV is NOT spread by touching someone.
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