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Hi guy's n girls I'm geno 3a, I had a blood test last week this was a regulation EOT - LFT I finished treatment in first week march after 50wks of Peg Interferon plus 1400 Ribavirin per day I'm so happy the results were all in the blue ala "Normal" haha in fact my ALT was 11 & that made me smile because at the EOT my last ALT was 9 ... I will get my 6 month EOT PCR test in september & I am so possitive that the demon has left my body .... I wish you all the very best & don't worry as bad as it gets each day is different, thats what I found ... I had bad days & good days & I can tell you keep it together it is all worth the goal ....  Love you all guys n girls we all deserve a medal after we finish!!!
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Definitely so! I'm glad that your blood work is looking good, that's a very good sign. I hope that the time until September will pass fast for you. Rooting for a big fat SVR!
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Hi Steve,

Congratulations!  I remember how you wanted to focus hard on your goal, which you did, and stay optimistic, which you always seemed to be.

Those LFT numbers, almost three month post-tx, are fantastic - way to go.

My doc thought that low LFT's post-tx were a solid sign of great news.  (He wasn't concerned when mine went up during tx but said he would be if it happened post-tx.)

So I gotta say I think you nailed it with weight-dosed riba and 50 weeks, instead of your previous 800 riba and 24 weeks, the first time around.

Hang in there for the offical result - it may seem long, six months, but I waited six months by choice and turned down earlier PCR's.

I think in Australia, you have to wait six months, right?

Funny, but I just didn't want to know until more time had gone by and I was feeling stronger. My six month post-PCR was perfect timing for me, emotionally and physically.

In the meantime, frame that ALT result of 11.

Best wishes to you, all the way in beautiful (but so expensive!) Sydney. We're heading there soon, for a wedding!


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Congratulations that is great news. Best wishes to you.


Those are great numbers !
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I'm a geno 3a previous non-responder who considerably  upped my dosages - and duration of treatment - this time as well. I'm hoping for the same positive outcome at EOT and eventual SVR too.
Thank you for providing the much needed encouragement until I  get to the finish line.
Your numbers look great!
Best of luck.
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Congrats! Good numbers, indeed.
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Grats mate!

9 on ALT? I've never seen numbers like that. Isn't that below normal range :-)

Best wishes!
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Thanks to you all I'm so happy & it has all timed perfectly with the way I feel right now, in fact I've only started to really feel great the last week . The Tx really takes it out of you big time I lost 40 kilo, (was 115kg) I've put ten back on now & I'm happy at this weight 85kg .. I eat healthier now the whole Tx thing really has a major affect on our life it inspired me to think healthy in everything I do now ...  So true my ALT really was 9... I hope we can inspire any newbies to the Tx it truly is worth it ....
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