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What are some suggestions for looking and trying to get on a clinical trial?

Boobert posted "these trials are filled before there put on clinicaltrials.gov." in a reply

My knowledge is limited as a chronic Genotype 2a/c treatment naive member who has been doing a lot of reading the past year.  Cheers to all that contribute to this site

For example the first trial I posted  that just started recruiting Dec 17, 2013 link

I looked further http://clinicaltrials.gov/archive/NCT01979939
History of Changes and the ClinicalTrials.gov Archive Site
was First Received: November 4, 2013 by clinicaltrials.gov
History of NCT01979939
Brief title: A Study of an Investigational Treatment Regimen of Daclatasvir (DCV) + Asunaprevir (ASV) + BMS-791325 in a Fixed Dose Combination (the Triple Regimen) for 12 Weeks for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Genotype 1 Infection in Non-cirrhotic Subjects
Record State: RELEASED
Updated View Type of info changed
2013_11_07 Study Nothing (earliest version on record)
2013_12_17 Study Changes Recruitment status, Recruitment, Location/Contact, Administrative, Misc.

So when it was posted 2013_11_07
Status Not yet recruiting
Start date 2013-12
Last follow-up date 2014-12 (Anticipated)
Primary completion date 2014-10 (Anticipated)

last update 2013_12_17
Status Recruiting
but a few of the 66 locations showed Not yet recruiting

Was this trial filled before 2013_11_07 Status Not yet recruiting
or between then and the time Recruiting started?

Also noticed Contacts for study sites last update 2013_12_17
Contact: For participation information at a USA site use a phone number below. For Site information outside USA please email: Clinical.***@****
Contact: First line of email MUST contain NCT# & Site#. Only trial site that are recruiting have contact information at this time

One example
Local Institution Not yet recruiting
Orlando, Florida, United States, 32803
Contact: Site 0036  

You still might be able to get more info (if they are recruiting for other trials  but no guarantee it's the same contact name and/or phone number for the trial you are interested in.

So i did advance search at clinicaltrials.gov.  Search Terms entered Zip code  
Recruitment: selected Recruiting  (only these will show contact info if  Recruiting)  Of course one of the results was the one above that I already knew  wasn't showing the info but there were others that did list this zip code and were recruiting so I got this result
Orlando Immunology Center Recruiting
Orlando, Florida, United States, 32803
Contact: Federico Hinestrosa, Site 0151    407-647-3960  

NOTE: if no luck try leave out Hepatitis C  you still might get a phone number of another type study and they might be able help your search

Also completed Hepatitis C studies will show the Facility Name city State and zip they you would have make calls to find the right department contact info to see what they might have in the future.  You could provide basic info and brief medically related stats as ask to be notified if any future studies might be appropriate for you  

I would image that your Hepatitis C monitor/treatment provider would be able to help you but maybe not?

Don't know how much sense this makes so all comments, suggestions and links are welcomed.  
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Hi Jimmy
I have a Dr at a transplant center ( hepatologist). I called the office and asked if they knew about the trial. They were not participating currently but gave me the number and email to direct contact for the liver dept clinical trail nurse at the other 2 hospitals here in Seattle that might be.

I have been calling  one of them every month to check in to see what might be available.

So my suggestion would be to ask your specialist how to get hooked up with a trial you might qualify for in your area and basically bug them. Also the trial I was asking about showed not yet recruiting that is the stage you want to get onto their radar while they are looking for people.

Good luck
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Thank you for your comment and advice

NOTE: To all reading and commenting this is a general question for anyone  looking and trying to get on a clinical trial.  Not for a specific situation or genotype. The example shown was for Genotype 1 Infection in Non-cirrhotic Subjects  

Besides asking your specialist about trials is searching at clinicaltrials.gov a good idea?

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Hi Jimmy
That was how I knew there was a trial in my area I could ask about by looking at clinical trials site.

I saw one that looked promising in my area that showed as "Not yet recruiting" I figure that is what you would want to look for to be considered. I contacted my specialists office and they gave me some contact info. Had a chance to get in but I am not sick enough for their inclusion criteria.

Good luck
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