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What does a result of 1.7 mean on a hep c antibody test?

My husband and I had a blood test for hep c antibodies. My result was 1.7 and my husband was >11...just to note,I had a  3 part hep b vaccine 35 years ago for my job in dental field.
Also liver function normal on regular blood test..going to see gastro specialist next week.
Thank you for your help
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Did the test say reactive? I have a hard time trying to find specifics about the numbers but I am pretty sure your husband has hep c antibodies and I think you may be weakly positive as well.

What has your doctor said?

Your old hep b vaccination is irrelevant to this testing for hep c antibodies entirely unrelated.

I found this information:

“The antibody test for hepatitis C infection causes some confusion amongst patients. This test is performed as a screening test. If a person has ever been exposed to hepatitis C virus, he will have antibodies in his blood. Antibodies are actually chemicals that are released into the blood when a person comes in contact with the virus.

This does NOT mean that he definitely has the virus. It means that he has been exposed. Results from the antibody test usually take a week or more to come back.

Following a positive antibody test, an HCV/RNA by PCR test, better known as “the viral load test”, should be performed. If that test is positive (detected) it means that the actual virus has been seen in the bloodstream and the patient does have the hepatitis C virus.”

So if you both are reactive for hepatitis c antibodies you will need a second more expensive test for the actual virus the HCV RNA by PCR. It takes about 10 days to get results.  If this test is positive that will also have a viral load how many copies of the virus are circulating in 1 mL of blood .  If this test does come back detected then you do have hepatitis C and will likely require treatment to clear the virus.

About 25% of people recently infected with hepatitis C virus or able to actually fight the infection on their own and will self cure without needing additional treatment.

Many people infected with hep c will have mild elevations in liver enzymes but not everyone will. I had hep c for probably 11 years when I learned I was infected. But all my previous liver enzyme tests were in normal range.
Thank you for your answer and help.
Most appreciated..we have appointments this week with gastro doc
Best of luck hoping you receive good news
Hello, I wanted to update you on everything that took place since I asked my original question in December.
Testing results showed that I had been exposed to Hep C but was in the "lucky" 25% that kicked it out on my own.  My husband ended up with a viral load of 1,400,051. He was treated for 12 weeks with Epclusa and his blood test shows that Hep C is no longer detected!..The doctor said he was very lucky that liver showed no cirrhosis after 40 years of being infected. He was an F3 with many septa and after the Epclusa he is now an F2 with few septa. In the middle of his treatment though, he had an ERCP for a blocked biliary duct and then 9 days later he had his gallbladder removed.  It's been a rough 4 months but we consider it a blessing that he was able to be cured with all the other issues he had.
Again, thank you for your help and support. God Bless.
Hey thanks so much for the update happy to hear you were hep c free and didn’t need treatment.

The AASLD does recommend follow up for patients who were F3 and F4 before treatment even if they show regression of liver damage. Because we were F3 or higher we remain at increased risk of HCC per the AASLD they recommend we have abdominal ultrasounds or other imaging and possibly a blood test called AFP to monitor for early indications of liver cancer. Although with cure our risk is greatly reduced it is still higher than someone who has never had  liver damage. I am having this testing done every 6 months and see my liver specialist every year.

But congrats to you both for being hep c free and wishing you both continued good health
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Ok I just found this it is the range for the Hepatitis C Virus Antibody by CIA (Qualitative Chemiluminescent Immunoassay) test. There are several hep c antibody tests on the market I believe but these numbers read similar to what I have seen previously.

Negative         0.79 or less
Equivocal         0.80 to 0.99
Low Positive 1.00 to 10.99
High Positive 11.00 or greater
Thank you for your help..we have appointments this week at gastro doc
Good  to hear about both outcomes!
Best to you ....
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Both your antibodies test most likely say “ reactive”. Or “ positive”
Lynne has given you good advice that  the gastric  should now run the PCR blood test which will confirm if you do indeed have HCV.
Given your low AB test my guess is yours is either a “ false positive” or possibly infected with the virus at one time and cleared it yourself as Lynn mentioned
It would seem with your husbands reading he will most likely test as indeed having  HCV
Thank you for your help..going to see gastro doc this week.
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