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Why would some of the blood tests be elevated?

My husband has been sick for several months with dizziness, muscle weakness, exhaustion, and upset stomach and has seen several different doctors without anyone able to determine exactly what is wrong.  He was first diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, but now they say there is something else underlining causing the issue. He can’t even drive. He just did an EEG test yesterday and has an ANS test next week.  I received a copy of his last blood work done at the neurologist and wanted to see if anyone may have any ideas why several are elevated?

WBC – 13.4  (normal range 3.8-10.8 thousand/uL H)
Hematocrit – 50.4  (normal range 38.5-50.0-% H)
RDW – 15.8  (normal range 11.0-15.0-% H)
Absolute Neutrophils – 8522  (normal range 1500-7800 – cells/uL H)
Absolute Lymphocytes – 3926  (normal range 850-3900 – cells/uL H)

Any help would be appreciated.
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Sorry but only a doctor can make a diagnosis. We are not doctors, have no medical history (does he have hepatitis C?). If the doctors he has seen can't find the cause then I would suggest seeing someone who can. Get a second opinion. If possible go to a nearby teaching hospital where they probably have some of the best doctors in your area.

Good luck to you both!
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He started getting sick in March and not he doesn't have hepatitis C.  I didn't realize it posted to the community until afterward and I'm new here.  I couldn't determine how to remove it or change the community.  We have been to several doctors and a teaching hospital, its a slow process.  He is currently see 5 doctors and four are specialist.  I'm trying to find anything that hasn't been looked at.  Thanks
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