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active/inactive hep c

Has anyone ever experienced having a dentist ask them to get verification from their doctor as to whether your hep C was active or inactive to have your teeth cleaned?
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No - our dentist just double gloves
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I'm sure you know that he wants to make sure that you don't have chronic HepC.  It may mean that he thinks if you are inactive that you are not contagious, that's wrong.  He could also think that inactive means that you had it but you cleared it on your own.  Inactive HepC means that you are in the acute stage, I think that is the first 6 months, if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will chime in on this.  You could just ask him or you could just find another dentist, whatever the case it's not right what he's asking you.  Any dentist can refuse service to anyone else, but they can't say I am not gonna see you because you have HepC and it doesn't matter if it's inactive or chronic.  good luck  
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My dentist was one of the first ppl I told about my hepC.  I had a couple fillings replaced and a cleaning before starting tx.  They were confident that their sterilization techniques and universal precautions would be sufficient protection.  And they were very professional and made me feel comfortable about the whole thing.  

I just asked them to make sure that they did a good job, because I don't know when I will want to go back, lol!

If they do ask for verification after I get (hopefully) SVR....I'd probably get ticked off with them and go somewhere else and not even mention it.   But that's just me.
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I'm always one to vote to inform our dentists...In your case, I'd file a complaint against the ***** with the state board..here's the addy
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Tell him ok you will get verification as long as he can provide you with verification for his staff and himself. After all there is more of a chance he will transmit a disease to you then you to him. There have been studies done and dentist offices have more blood on surfaces then even operating rooms!
By that dentist asking you for verification tells me they are not practicing universal precautions. If they were it would not have to be asked !
Do yourself a favor and RUN from this MORON and find a new dentist.
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A good dentist, EMT, phlebotomist, etc. is going to assume all his patients may have blood-borne pathogens. Agree with copyman - his question implies he is less careful with some than he is with others and you should find another dentist.
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my dentist says more and more people have this its no big deal as long as universal precautions are taken, he is really a great christian guy..
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A really great christian guy? Wow...that's like being doubly great, isn't it? Ah...gotta love the christian folk
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My dentist said exactly what Isobella's did.  He never raised an eyebrow.  They do not double glove or take any extra precautions because they use the same techniques with everyone.  They do not require you disclose that you have hepc. They are a very progressive, state of the art dental facility.  Wish they all were like that.
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"They are a very progressive, state of the art dental facility" Yes but are they good christians? I haven't read the studies yet, but apparently, it might make a difference............;^) Pro
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Let's hope so.  That way they can compensate for me as I lack in that arena.  :)
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When I go looking for a dentist, I make sure they are good Republican Christians....that way I get the best care.....and I can rest at night knowing that my speedy recovery is being prayed for.
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careful, don't want to **** off any Baptist dentists out there...
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Well at least if they can't sterilize properly they can pray that the virus doens't infect anybody else I guess.

FYI I thought most dentists were Jewish? Mine is.   ;)


(I know what puppy meant but couldn't resist anyways).
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