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blood results

thanks you guys this is a bit overwhelming since my Dr does not know I have these results yet i like to stay one step ahead with having Hec c 22yrs now they will not tx again,cirrhosis - liver is nodular now, RH factor high could account for alot of my pain too, guess i will know when i see the Dr what all this together means??? Sure hope so.
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well I was diagnosed with RH in 05 before they caught the HCV so thats a given i already knew about and I think contributes to alot of my pain. I dont try to read to much into the labs but like you said I research ahead of time so as not to go in blind. waiting on a response from Hector, he is so helpful. Thanks for the info and will go to the site. Have a great day!
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I remember the first set of labs I ever had when I discovered I had HCV was about 20 pages long. They tested for things I have never seen mentioned on this forum or anywhere else. But (and I am spit balling here) since no one answered your Q) I thought a positive/high RH factor doesn't necessarily prove rheumatoid arthritis when you have hep c. I think it takes a Rheumatologist to do further testing.

Cut and paste this link and arrow down to the middle where it says RHEUMATOLOGIC and AUTOIMMUNE MANIFESTATIONS

I think there may be other lab values or additional tests that when taken together can present a meaningful picture rather than analysing each line item independently. That can be the one disadvantage of interpreting our own labs results.

Remember, I could be way off about all this so I hope someone who is able to provide a context for all this chimes in. I am all for getting labs in advance especially since it seems like doctors can sometimes drag their feet. Still, I think it is better to do a little independent research rather than going in blind and relying on the doctor tell you everything only to have you develop more questions the minute you leave his office or when you post (or read) about what he said. That has the potential to stretch out the process a good week or two.

I'm not sure anyone here can piece together a clinical picture for you but as I said earlier, any additional insight might help point you in the right direction so you at least know what your questions are and can search on your own.

♫♪Don't let all this get you down and conclude there is no way out or a treatment that can help you. You need more info and someone qualified to interpret and collate all this data. Hang in there♥♠

I have no idea about the nodular & cirrhotic liver observations .
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