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cancer on the liver

i have been dx with a poorly defined carcinoma on the liver at 4x's the largest being 4.1cm the other 2.0 or less.  i have the gambit of blood tests mri  ct scans  pet scan an upper and lower gi and have few hot spots showing up..  the one hot spot around the pancreas was looked at with an eus procedure that showed the pancreas as being ok,  but the lymphs around the arota by the pacreas were slighlty abnormal and to far away for the dr to get a biopsy of those lymphs.  so now i am at the point were the dr is recommending a cath be placed and start chemo asap.  the tx plan is to treat as possiblr pancratic carcenoma for two cycles then re-scan for shrinkage, and go from there

i hope someone can at least respond to give me an idea as to possible side affects etc. and to let me know if this is the right forum to be in for support.  as a first timer i really do need some support and guidance.

to put it bluntly i am extremely nervous an scared.  so if anyone can be helpful then please do so

look foward to hearing from anyone
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Hi, sorry you are going through this. I don't think this is the right forum to get answers you need. I'm sure there a forum on MedHelp to help you get those answers.
Keep a positive attitude, you can beat this! Wishing you the best
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thx for your response
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Hey Randy,

I remember you from days past. So sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, by the way. You might want to contact member ‘Eureka254’; her hubby is dealing with this right now, and she’s become pretty well informed regarding HCC.


Drop her a message; there’s a ‘send message’ link near the top-right of her page. She might be busy now, but will probably get back soon. Put HCC in the subject line of the message, by the way.

Good luck- I’ll check back later-

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I am very sorry to hear about your diagnoses. It is very scary and I admire your courage to say so.

Yes, as Bill said Eureka254 is a great resource as she has been dealing with her husband's liver cancer (HCC) for some time now and he is undergoing treatment currently. I hope she can help you in some way.
FYI: I just talked to her and let her know about your post. She will look at it when she gets a chance today.

Pancreatic cancer is not something I am family with. I would think that cancer forums would be the most helpful for you.

As far as liver cancer is concerned, the best paper on the diagnoses and treatments methods I know is the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) practice guidelines on the management of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
Below is the URL address.

Best of luck to you. Hang in there and take care of yourself.
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So sorry to hear about your current situation and diagnosis.  As the folks above mentioned, my husband has been fighting liver cancer for over four years, and I'll try to help where I can.  I'm not very familiar with pancreatic cancer, but it seems from your post that the eus actually ruled out pancreatic involvement, and ruled in possible lymphatic or aortic involvement?

It would be helpful to know if you had elevated AFP (tumor marker for hcc liver cancer) and/or elevated CA 19 (tumor marker for pancreatic cancer).  Because liver cancer can be aggressive asap treatment is the general guideline, but may I ask what chemo exactly is your doctor using?  Is the cath planned for the questionable lymph/aorta spots or the pancreas?  It's unclear to me why your doctor is pursuing pancreatic cancer treatment if your eus cleared the pancreas.

My husband has been treated for his liver cancer with several approaches:  the first was massive surgery, the second was Inf/Riba treatment, and his most recent liver tumors have been treated with trans-arterial chemo-emoblization (TACE) -- some similarities to a heart catheterization.  I don't know from your post if your treatment will be at all similar, but my husband's TACE usually makes him pretty weak and nauseous for a few days (one overnight stay at the hospital), but it has helped to slow/stop tumor growth.  

When my husband was diagnosed over four years, there was no doubt we were nervous and scared, too -- if I can offer any more info at all, don't hesitate to ask. Hope that helps some, and wishing you best of luck with everything.  ~eureka
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thx so much everyone for your esponses.  i did not say this but the cancer is on my liver from an unknown source and that is why i am being tx'd this way at the kansas city veterans hospital since this is not hcc or at least thats what is being told to me  the tumor is calssified as poorly defined therefore leading to the various tx plans i may be facing.  some of you mentioned trying to ask for help in the cancer section and i have but with no response from anyone : O (  because of my hepc tx and all the help you all have given me and so many others i was hoping someone might be able to help me in this forum..   i have been told that all my options just flew out the door because of the cancer and that a transplant will not happen for me unless the cancer source is found.   i know from previous visits to this forum in my past ( 2007 ) as bill stated i met alot of goood people who were a great source of comfort when i needed it and a gentle push toward what i needed to hear always came from all of you just as you are doing right now.   please do not kick me to the curb if i needed ayone right now it's you all..  

thx again everyone if you have any questions for me shoot i will try to answer as best as i can.
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I am sorry for your troubles.  I have no experience so all I can offer is my sincere hope you will find your answers and get well.  My best to you.
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thank you for the support  :O)
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I have no experience with this either...so i would just like to wish you good luck on finding some answers and  my thoughts and prayers too you.
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This is definitely one of the most active forums on MH ... I have to say I have not found much information on the cancer forum either, at least relative to upper GI cancers.  It's the majority of patients with liver cancer diagnosis that are considered not "eligible" for transplant -- my husband was and is in the same boat for different reasons -- but just because you don't have the best option doesn't mean you don't have options at all -- don't give up searching for answers and treatments!  

We thought at first it was the end of the line when my husband wasn't able to get a transplant, but instead, we've had some good years together since his diagnosis, and we count our blessings every day.  It's not been easy, but it's gratifying every time he walks in to another appointment feeling good to surprise yet another doctor. :)

Has your doctor given you details about the cath, as far as placement, duration, chemo being used? My husband has done 2 sessions of chemo and is scheduled for a 3rd session next week, but he feels pretty decent in between for the most part. Keep us posted how things go for you... hang in there.  
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thx so much for your being there to hrlp mr get thru another day....   than you!!!!!!!

yes i will be taking two drugs  gemcitibine and lisplatin  the cycle are to end up being every other week and the chem being the same.  with the thought being i could a lessor with more umph in them because of getting an extra dose in the cycles  i will take three cycles and then another pet scan to see were i am at  in laymans terms if this is really working  anyway i get my port monday 4-4-2011 first cycle of meds tuesday 4-5-2011 and my emotions are runnung a gambit right now but i pray will get better  b4 then  i will do my best to keep you all informed and updated    "god  bless"
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I don't know anything about this and have little to offer other than well wishes. One other thing: I'm guessing they suspect pancreatic cancer growing on the liver. I had thyroid cancer and they did a radiactive scan to look for cancerous thyroid tissue throughout my body. It can end up in the liver or lungs, and elsewhere, but it's actually thyroid tissue.  Weird stuff.
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Lots of supportive folks here, kc, don't hesitate to pop in if you just need some support.  I tend to post here in fits and bursts, but lots of good folks around... and you know I'll try to help if I see you post.  

Pancreatic cancer treatment is a little bit out of my knowledge base, but I will say one thing: when my husband was pursuing treatments he found himself going through quite a gambit of emotions too, and lots of anxiety.  I don't know if it would necessarily be useful for you, but my husband started anti-depressants before treatment, and he feels it has helped him a great deal to cope with things.  My prayers that your treatment is painless and successful... wishing you best of luck! ~eureka
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thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :o)
all of you who have talked to me or shared or whoever just had me in their thoughts are what i need to hear and feel in my heart..  i try to understand why people help each other like in here or at work or on the streets and what it boils down to is we do care and we know that by helping someone a stranger a friend a co-worker we are givers and not takers  because we know that to keep what has been freely given can not be kept unless we give it back.

i will keep everyone updated thru my tx't   you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

see ya all soon  :o)
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A couple of additional thoughts, kc... if you are concerned about the symptoms that might come with treatment, when they put in the cath tomorrow, ask them how accessible they will be to provide comfort meds (anti-nausea, anti-itch, whatever the case may be) when symptoms hit? You may not have any difficulty, but if you aren't assured that they will respond quickly to complaints if they arise, might be a good idea to ask for whatever is *usually appropriate* and fill whatever pain/nausea meds you might need ahead of time, if finances/insurance allows, before the chemo gets in your system, so that if you develop discomfort later, things will be at hand.  Wishing you the best!
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