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does interferon destroyed my soul?

Hi, I did take IFN alpha together with sovaldi for 12 weeks. That was 3 months ago. I cleared the virus. My ability to focus and for example play guitar is totally wrecked. I was so happy before treatment. Now I can't properly talk. I feel like I lost 50 points lent IQ.
I'm only 25 and I'm about to kill myself if my soul doesn't comes back. I don't want to live in this shell tx left behind... Sad
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Hi Jonas, I would like to point out that the time line of the ED (erectile dysfunction) that your having.

"Hi, I did take IFN alpha together with sovaldi for 12 weeks. That was 3 months ago."

"on top of that i'm impotent since 2 months. 100% impotent."

By my calc that would mean you were on interferon for 3 months and off of it a month to a month and a half before you started having problems, as frank pointed out above ED can be caused by many different things, might be worth your time to look into other causes of ED

Have a great day
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Pat, sorry I missed the comments given about Jonas claim of impotence.

This thread is so enormous (and a bit chaotic) I must have missed it.

tbh, I don't know about any of my input in this thread...

but thanks for the good cheer. All the best wishes to you and my fellow healers.

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Jonas, your posts today were very disappointing!

Let me be the first to call out "bull". I think I asked very basic questions that anyone coming here for help would POST ON THEIR OWN FROM THE VERY START! and if they don't because - whatever reason... and if someone points out that this is important info for the forum to help then the poster gives that info IMMEDIATELY.

I am sorry if this comes off as harsh or strong but I am TIRED of repeating myself... maybe others are as well. It is obvious we are here to help you and it is obvious that you are ignoring our help.

Until I see some co-operation from you Jonas I cannot give of my very precious energy.

Your negativity and (yes, you are a) pessimist, with excellent English has some excellent brains here to really help you become the best you can be (I am one of those with very little brain power - boy you should see if some who connect with you are real genius!!!). If you have some issues that prevent you *are you bipolar yourself? or some other issues* from following, concentrating, staying positive, or whatever... PLEASE TELL US along with the other data I have asked for in the previous post.

There just seems to be something else going on and if I don't get an answer I can't help you.

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Dear one! You reflect so much of how I felt on triple therapy. Totally write all these disconnects down, one day when you can hear and taste and feel and smell and think you will rethink how you see the world.  You will never make jest at unbalanced humans, you will respect all that you are when you return back to a normal state, however you will forever be changed and you will have empathy for others that you've never had before.  So many of us here have been on your boat and the journey is insane!  Don't be afraid to tell your doctor In Detail all of the feelings you are experiencing!  He might have to stop treatment so talk with your doctor.  If you can't talk, type your feelings all out and print it out and hand it to him. Thank goodness my husband was there to talk to the DR for me as well and I also handed him what I typed out.  You are in the right place to let go and reach out for help, this is an amazing forum with lots of survivors.  Everyone is here for you ((((Hugz))))
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Good morning!  How did yesterday go?  Hope you slept well.  Dee's advice is good!  I have problems walking in the house, too, but it is better than not walking at all, and some days going out to walk is not possible.  I know when I get through with treatment I will be able to, so I do what I can, and move on - stressing about it would not do me any good.

Wishing you, and All, a sunshine, butterflies and rainbow day : -). !  

Temps dropped into the mid 60s last night - first time since Feb? Mar?  Quite refreshing!
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Good Morning, just checking in. Not sure if this will help you but I live in a very small apt.
I have found that walking very fast for an hour every day has helped me mentally.  On the days that it rains I get on the phone, talk to a friend and walk a path through my apartment.  It is not the same as going outside but it helps quite a bit.

Also, you may not realize it but you are getting more responses than many others.  People have taken an interest, they want to help you.

Take Care, Dee
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