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does interferon destroyed my soul?

Hi, I did take IFN alpha together with sovaldi for 12 weeks. That was 3 months ago. I cleared the virus. My ability to focus and for example play guitar is totally wrecked. I was so happy before treatment. Now I can't properly talk. I feel like I lost 50 points lent IQ.
I'm only 25 and I'm about to kill myself if my soul doesn't comes back. I don't want to live in this shell tx left behind... Sad
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"Hi, I did take IFN alpha together with sovaldi for 12 weeks. That was 3 months ago."

Opps the first line didn't copy and paste all the way
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Hi, I did take IFN alpha together with sovaldi for 12 weeks

ok ok ok ok, im in hospital since 5 months.

im locked up with mentally ill people until feb. 2015

Hi Jonas, I like can-do am a little confused about your treatment timeline, I am wondering why a doctor would start you on treatment then admit you to a hospital and never even think to pull you off of interferon.


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Perhaps I should have recommended the social forum

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i have a question regarding THC. I want to convince my GP of prescribing me medical marijuana. THC is sometimes used by people with MS (Autoimmune) and it does also help with post interferon symptoms. (i tested it)
I just don't know of how i can convince my GP that the symptoms i have are related to interferon cause no one will believe me! i mean, they prescribe Interferon for thousands of dollars, they will not admit that it causes these problems. So far...
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im not directly in hospital. i live near a  hospital in a house for people who are ill.
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and why didn't you recovered from the Interferon? i mean, what are your symptoms nowadays?

... My worse symptom is chronic fatigue and insomnia. I do have some medication to help with most of my P.I.S. - I do take lorazepam daily also for anxiety... *answered a day or two ago... In addition I also have brain fog and some nerve pain but again most is controlled by medication.

Hi Jonas, I had a very busy day, sorry to get back to your questions so late.

I think you should take a deep look at your LONG thread and re-read it focusing on the POSITIVE messages! I keep seeing in your questions that you focus on many negatives while sometimes catching yourself and then focusing on positives! So that is great when you catch yourself. Dontworrybehappy is exactly right in his very last post!

btw, most importantly is the fact that you have finished very recently. 3 months for INF will need more time for it to clear your system! Please re-read what many have said about that also. About drinking a lot of water, eating lots of fruit and green vegetables!

Make the most of your situation. Being in a hospital situation... tell then you want a glass of water every half hour or whatever you decide. Tell them what you want to eat (like people have described as a best diet).

I am also trying to get on LDN which many are using to reduce inflammation! I am not sure if there is proof that INF has entered the brain barrier but we do know that HepC has entered the brain. Most recent studies have shown that ChronicFatigue and inflammation in the brain are connected. I don't know if LDN can cross the brain barrier but it does help to reduce other inflammation.

BUT AGAIN, Just ending treatment at 3+months is way too early to define yourself as having Post-Interferon Syndrome.

Not only can you take advantage of being in a hospital situation with having things scheduled for you as I wrote above but also being in Germany (just from what I have read about) is suppose to have an excellent medical system. Maybe I am wrong but even *some herbs are prescribed...

Again, you have to start taking advantage of the positives around you. Take advantage of the history we bring in postings instead of freaking out over every little negative!

You had HepC. You treated with a very strong combo drug. You cleared the HepC. Those meds are not going to clear from your body overnight! Those are the facts.You will have to be patient. Listen and do what many have suggested in your thread and be positive.

I know you will think it is easy for Frank to write that but so many freaked out just like you and so many calmed down and did exactly as many described in this thread to cleans their body of most of the gunk and carry on as best as they could.

Focus on the Positive, Best of Luck, frank
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Why did my post get deleted, is it not ok to recommend someone post treatment to the post treatment forum
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