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getting workers comp to pay for harvoni

Has anybody been exposed in a healthcare setting and tried to get coverage for Harvoni from workers comp? I had an exposure 9 years ago and just found out I was hep c positive, for some reason I did not test positive before when I was seen for the exposure- I have no drug use history no transfusions and care for tons of hep c patients
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Can you prove the relationship between the incident and your current hep c? Otherwise I doubt you will have much luck with that.

Have you tested positive on the HCV RNA by PCR test for the hep c virus itself or only the hep c antibody test?

There are people who have no idea how they were exposed to hep c. That they have  no known risk factors.
Yes I can, was exposed 9 yrs ago on the job, did not go to 6 month apt so never knew I had it til last week.I have the records. I will hire a lawyer if I need too. No RNA results til this Thursday. I am praying constantly. This is such a horrible nightmare. Not telling anyone at work.  
Thanks for answering, it is very lonely dealing with this
Do you know there is a 25% chance you could have cured on your own and not be infected?
My advice is get treated as soon as you can, the virus isnt friendly at all, there are generic version of harvoni in india and there are buyers club for them , its been proven to work for 99% of people that used it already and its way cheap (1500$)
Surprised that someone working in the medical field would have concerns about getting covered for treatment but of course I am not familiar with your insurance. Just shocked that medical workers would have substandard insurance  
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Hi I am hoping that your body was able to clear it. What prevented you from going back in 6 months later?

I'm only asking because each state has a statute of limitation to sue for medical incidents. I have been through this so thought I would let you know before you waste a lot of time and money

I'm hopeful that your body fought it off.  Newer treatments are much easier than they were even 5 years ago.

Good luck
Hi thanks for your response. I have since found that my viral load is zero. So I fought it off on my own or the test was a false positive. I am trying to decide whether to get a RIBA test to determine whether it was in fact a false positive- I would like to know for peace of mind. I got my records and yes I DID go for all of my follow ups with this patient. A real nightmare for me- but what an education!!!!
Well additional testing is an option I suppose. But if you did fight off the virus on your own or it was a false positive what is the difference? Either way as I understand it you will always and forever test positive for hep c antibodies.

Bottom line the important thing is you test not detected for the virus itself and are not infected with hep c

Anyway congrats on not having hep c and needing to get treatment
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Lynn has answered your concerns beautifully. I guess it was better to get a false positive and then with the second test finding out you don't have it; than getting a false negative.

I got a false negative, went along living my life for 10 more years until I found out I did have it.
I was in a similar condition with Lynn.
I wish I had known 10 years earlier.

Congratulations and take care!
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