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hep c

just told I had hep c. a week ago..i have had 3 knee surgeries and am in pain most of the time. I was on tramadol but my dr. refuses to give me any more..cant sleep at all ..what can I do.
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Hi, I am so sorry to hear.  I know what a shock it can be. First, please breath, it is not a death sentence.

Have you had both tests? One checks for antibodies. Other checks for viral load and geno type.
Someone else will be a long soon to give particulars. I just didn't want you to have to wait.

You may be one of the lucky people who was able to fight it off but if you have a geno type, vital load then you do have it.

It is not a death sentence. Many new drugs to cure it are now available.. Much shorter periods of time, less side effects.

So far I have heard headaches and fatigue.

When I treated 5 years ago it was Incivek, Interferon, Riba. I am cured however it was a very hard treatment with alot of side effects.

Hang in there!
tanks dee1956...
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Hi Blaine have you only had an antibody test or have you had the test for the hep c virus itself the HCV RNA by PCR?

Testing positive for antibodies to the hepatitis C virus does not mean you're currently infected.  Having a positive antibody test only means that you may have been exposed to the virus at some point in your life. About 25% of people are able to beat the virus on their own without needing any treatment but they will still test positive for antibodies to hep c. The only way to know you are currently infected is to have the test for the hep c virus the HCV RNA test.

If you have had the HCV RNA test you may have been told your viral load and had an additional test to find out your genotype which would be something like 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b etc....

As to the tramadol that is a separate issue. Tramadol is a semi-synthetic opioid and a schedule IV drug I have heard that doctors are trying to reduce prescribing of additive opioid based medicines to reduce incidence of addiction and accidental overdose so you should ask your doctor about options available to you now that they have discontinued this medicine for you.

Hep c is now much easier to treat than in the past.  Treatment can be as simple as one pill a day for possibly as she was eight weeks and you would be cured of the hepatitis C virus assuming you are infected. Find out if you are currently infected and ask your doctor about treating your hepatitis c if you are infected.

The majority of people report to side effects on treatment with the most common complaint being occasional mild headaches.  Cure rates with these new medicines are as high as 98% or better.

Good luck

the paper work on my blood test says geno..3.. so I guess it means I have it...I see the specialist on 4/21 17..cant wait but I don't really want to deal with this...crazy thoughts lately....
Yes if they detected a genotype then you do have hep c.

As I said treatment is simple, effective, relatively short term, and most people have few side effects.

Once your doctor prescribes treatment and you have the meds in hand just take one pill a day for probably 12 weeks for genotype 3 and get cured.

Just a bit longer than taking a round of antibiotics.

Hep c is a slowly acting illness it takes decades to cause liver damage if it ever does. Only about 20% of patients infected for 20 years will develop signifigant liver damage.

I had Hep c for 30 years before I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. I was cured two years ago after being infected for a total of 37 years.  I treated in the past with the old treatments which were one shot a week of interferon and pills that make you very anemic. I treated 3 separate times for six months each time. Unfortunately those medicines were only effective about 30% of the time so I did not respond the same as many others who tried the old treatments.

But I am cured now and you will be too just see your doctor get some medicine and get cured
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I'll add that my experience on treatment with Harvoni was outstanding. I actually felt better on the meds than I had in years. Actually, felt better on them than I do now and I'm coming up on 2 years of SVR.

Best wishes.
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