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hepatitis by bite

Hi two months before i met one prostitute girl in hotel . there was no sex . she kissed and bite my thigh and i noticed small amount of blood in my thighs . Hepatiitis B and C Test by CMIA test after 56 days result came negative . Please advise is it conclusive ?
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If  hepatitis c infected blood should enter your blood stream through a fresh open wound there is a small risk of infection. Were you bleeding from the bite? The risk would be if you were bleeding and there was hepatitis c infected blood in her saliva that entered your blood stream.

If you did not have a bleeding cut there would be no means of entry for the virus.

Just for perspective, if a healthcare worker should experience an accidental needle stick involving a patient with known hepatitis C the odds of transmission are about 1.8%

With all that said, the recommend wait to check for hepatitis c after a concerning exposure is 12 weeks. If you are concerned I suggest waiting the 12 weeks after this event and be tested for hep c antibodies.

For hepatitis B I suggest you ask in that community forum. Or better yet you could ask your doctor about your risk if testing is needed and appropriate testing windows.

We here on the forums are not doctors. We are a community of patients coming here for mutual support while living with hepatitis c infection or dealing with treatment. This is primarily a support group.

Good luck
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Do u mean HCV antibody  test by CMIA test @ 52 days is noy conclusive ?? im too scary . please any one suggest ..
If you believe hepatitis C infected blood could have entered your blood stream in the skin was open and bleeding there could be a theoretical risk.

As I said to put this risk in perspective if a health care worker has an accidental needle stick with a patient who has known hepatitis C the risk of transmission is only about 1.8% so likely your risk would be lower then that.

There is no reason to “freak out” hepatitis c takes decades to cause any real damage and is very easily treated and cured today. Hep c is not any kind of emergency.

The hep c antibody test is very accurate 12 weeks after a potential exposure so last I checked 52 days is less than 12 weeks.

Additionally, if you have a compromised immune system for example if you have AIDS or cancer it could take up to 6 months for enough antibodies to develop to detectable levels.

If you had broken skin with a bleeding wound that you think could have had infected blood enter that wound you should wait until 12 weeks have passed from a concerning incident and be tested if that is what you need to do. But in the interim just forget about it.

You could speak with your doctor about your risk in this incident and see if they think testing is needed and more information about test windows.
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