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hepitic c

how do you catch hepitic c
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sharing shavers,needles,blood products,or just unlucky
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You may want to educate yourself regarding hepatitis C and modes of transmission.  Here are some good websites:

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#1 way to get it is IV Drug Use ---- sharing needles

and back before they tested the blood supply, alot of people got it if they were given blood in the hospital for some reason

its a blood to blood thing, infected blood has to come in contact with your blood so its very specific... its not an easy thing to 'catch'
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My husband died of alcohol related hepatitis.

The hospital treated his liver but not the patient.  My husband had a chance of living until he went into the hospital.

If any of you have questions about a loved one with hepatitis I am an expert.  

I want to help others that might be going through what i went through and I wish I had been better educated.
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There is a difference between having hepatitis-which is inflammation of the liver and having hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a blood borne infection that is spread through blood to blood contact. Here are some websites to help you further.




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