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hepmag.com releases a shocking new study

According to the latest issue of hepmag.com, "less than 10 percent of the at least 3.5 million Americans living with HCV have received treatment so far".

Citing a report by gizmodo.com, the hepmag article goes on to say that a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania shows that "despite the availability of new regimens, and changes in the restrictions of these therapies, denial [of payment by insurance companies] has remained high and increased over time.”

Study author Vincent Lo Re said: "Here’s a disease that’s curable, that can be eliminated as a public health problem, but we don’t have the will to do it".


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Thanks Mike, it is just greed by insurance companies. So glad I was able to get treatment and am cured.
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I know I worked close with the community health clinic liaison and people with health insurance could not get the treatment (harvoni epclusa etc). Those who were uninsured were unable to. So sad. Where I live in south Florida there are rehabs on nearly every other block. I am in a high risk area and 1/2 the people I know have it, due to risky behavior.
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Yes so tragic that we can’t can’t find a way to treat and cured people we could possibly eridicate hep C in a few years or very nearly so if we had the will to do so.

I was fortunate to have very good insurance through my employer but even then I still had to fight with my Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) being initially denied even though I had hep c for 37 years with liver cirrhosis but otherwise healthy and working full time.

Just F’ing  ridiculous and a national embarrassment.
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Well I hope you’re doing well now. I fortunately have tested negative but I am the voice for those who are ashamed to ask for help or unaware that they have options. I just care. I will fight for them.  If we don’t start somewhere even it’s its small and rally together nothing will ever get done. Again, I appreciate your feedback and do hope you’re doing well!!
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