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how do americans die

death rates as listed on the internet are generally hard to compare
and really hard make sense of. i have reduced the raw data to
a simple chart.  death rates are moving targets so nothing
on this chart is "exact". i am not an expert in this field
but i think the chart is generally meaningful and accurate.
i hope i didnt miss anything big, let me know if i did.
while the list is far from complete
it helps me understand the general pecking order for the significant
causes of death. i believe many people have displaced fears
about how they might die because statistics are so hard to compare.
i know i did until i studied this.

also, at the end is a few specific numbers about the hep c population.



heart        2000
cancer       1000
stroke       400
lung         350
diabetes         200
alzheimers        200
flu pnuemonia     200

kidneys      150                
blood        100   (bacterial septicemia)

liver      70   all liver problems  (alcohol, viral auto immune, toxic overdose etc.)
liver      45           all hepatitis,  (a b c d e f g)
liver      25    hep c only  

high blood pressure        60
aids                       45
many others not listed but low


motor vehicles  115
suicide   80
murder    50
fire      13

on the job    10
drownings  9
war   4
ladders    1

                 HEP C STATS

   10,000 to 15,000 - this is the estimated number of people treating for hep c.
based on treatment times and success rates and dropout rates i guess that about
4000 to 6000 a year are cured.   9 to 15 a day. not statistically meaningful yet.

4 million -  the total estimated number of people
in america to have hep c. known and unknown cases estimated.
at avg 25 deaths a day thats .0006 %. seems like a relatively
small number to me

200,000 to 400,000 ?  - the estimated number of people who know
they have hap c. (im not sure on this number) if this is true, obviously
most are waiting or have no plans to treat.

even though this death chart is not the most fun information we might see,
it is useful info for those who care. look at all the things we are exposed to each day that are more dangerous than hep c.
copy and paste this chart, you might
find yourself referring to it more than you think.

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thanks for posting that...made me feel a little less worried about it.
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Aw shucks...what a nice thing to say. Marching...questionable...stumbling a bit more like it..
Thank you.
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no offence taken,  i hope you are hanging in there and making some progress.
im surprized you can be civilized at all considering all the overdosing you are on!
in light of this, i think you set a great example for all of us on the forum.
keep on marching brave soldier!
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It provides some perspective, but not really, because we all know most people ultimately die of heart disease or cancer, or something else eventually.  Someone with Hep C is obviously much more likely to be one of those 25 dying every day from Hep C, than someone who does not. No doubt, that 25 is understated as well, even those who die of Hep C may have "technically" died of heart disease, or similar. Not to mention quality of life, this disease burns many peoples energy from a young age, if infected young.
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...it was the wee hours ot the morn. when I wrote the above....jus' being a lil' silly....
no offense intended..........
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Puts things in perspective doesn't it... we are naturaly scared that our situation is worse and base our fear on that thinking and it helps to see it in relation to what is really going on. Good stuff and thanks for sharing!
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Thank You for Sharing that ...YES you are sooo true ...very little people even know or care about this very deadly DISEASE ...I am so Thankful of this forum...I am going to post and email this as an awarness to those who are blind and ignore this disease. I am one person who has been fighting this disease for 19 years !!!!! I am doing well ...Thanks again !!!
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Don't know if you ever checked this link, but in it Dr. Dietrich crunches the hep-c numbers and his conclusion is that of every 100 people who are DX'D with hep_C only 10% ever get treatment.

It's a long but informative video.

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Humm...interesting study....
Well, now I feel kinda better...I think...........
Though I wonder how many of these Deaths Per Day,
Suicides. Alzheimers, Auto Accidents, Homicides, even Ladders
are REALLY peg or riba related???

Thoughts to ponder.......  ;}
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