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liver biopsy results

Dear friends, my biopsy results are genotype 3a, stage 1, grade 1.  I have been confused that my aggressive GI would want to begin treatment. Haven't met with him yet. Please advise.
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Geno 3's will not be able to treat with the new drugs (protease inhibitors) expected to be released in 2011.  Your genotype has around an 80% chance of cure with the current standard of care (interferon and ribavirin).   You have minimal damage and there is no great urgency to have to treat right now.  However, if the time is right in your life, all your ducks are in a row and you think you can manage 24 weeks of antiviral therapy I would say go for it.  After the age of 50 liver damage tends to speed up so you should take that into consideration.

Newer drugs will be available (polymerase inhibitors) which will be effective on geno 3 but I can't tell you when.

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All and all  the findings of your biopsy were very good ,in your favour indeed. There is very little damage presently,with minimal inflammation going on. The fact that you have geno 3 you gives you the best chance of success with  the current treatment avail.

You have choices,as mentioned above ,wait if the time is not right in your life or do it now .
Don"t be pressured by the aggressive GI,the decision is yours to make,given your circumstances.
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The balls definetily in your court, there's no reason to wait for PI's. Your in a good position to treat or wait until the time is best for you. Good Luck!!
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I agree with Trinity 100%. You are in a good position to have the time you need to consider all points to help you make your decision about when to treat.

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stage 1, grade 1 is minimal liver damage and minimal inflammation of the liver. You probably have decades to decide to treat. Plus you will have no symptoms from the liver damage you currently have. For someone who has chronic hep c this is pretty much a great position you are in.

Since you have an 80% of cure you couldn't ask for a better prognosis.

Good luck!
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