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medical terms

I am new to the forum. I will be starting hep-c treatment next week. I find this very informative and helps to know I am not alone. You all understand, not even my family can do that. My question is I don't know all the terms yet. What is tx, sx ,und, svr, etc? I also want to know has anyone had symptoms of hep-c before diagnosis? What were they if you had them? I'v known for 6yrs and in the last 2yrs I experience right and left sided pain.     Thanks in advance       Nancy
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Hi Nancy; welcome to the discussion group. Here’s a link to a page with many of the acronyms used in here:


Chronic HCV (Hep C) is generally an asymptomatic disease, although many people often mention dealing with fatigue. There are also some conditions that are strongly associated with HCV such as cryoglobulanemia, and to a lesser degree autoimmune issues like sjogren’s, lupus, etc.

A heightened awareness or discomfort in the upper-right quadrant of the abdomen is also noted occasionally.

Have you had a recent biopsy? Are you aware of the specific genotype, or strain of HCV you have?

Good luck and take care-

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Hi Nancy and welcome....
If you go down to the very right hand side at the bottom of the page you will see "hepatitis C acronyms.

Congrats on starting your tx. next week and good luck with it. Possibly you could let the group know what  regime of meds you will be treating with.
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I would suggest going to he following web page and you will find info on just about everything about hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C

Easy Hepatitis C Facts (English)


FDA Package Inserts

Hepatitis C Basics (English)

HCSP Factsheet Series (English)

HCSP Guides

HCSP Training Manual

HIV & HCV Coinfection

Easy Hepatitis C Facts Series

General Information about Hepatitis C
PDF 100 People Infected with Hepatitis C
PDF Immune System
PDF The Liver
PDF What Is Hepatitis A?
PDF What Is Hepatitis C?
PDF Whom Should I Tell?

HCV Populations
PDF African Americans
PDF HBV-HCV Coinfection
PDF Gay Men, Sex & HCV
PDF HIV-HCV Coinfection
PDF Latinos
PDF Methadone and Hepatitis C
PDF Transgender

Hepatitis C Tests
PDF ALT Test (alanine aminotransferase)
PDF Antibody Test
PDF Genotype Tests
PDF Liver Biopsy
PDF Liver Biopsy
PDF Viral Load

Natural and Alternative Medicine
PDF Herbs
PDF Natural and Alternative Medicine

Staying Healthy
PDF Alcohol and HCV
PDF Diet and Hepatitis C
PDF Top 10 Healthy Habits
PDF Hepatitis Vaccines
PDF Vibrio
PDF What Is Steatosis?

PDF Feeling Tired
PDF What Is Cirrhosis?
PDF Sleep

PDF Hygiene Items and HCV
PDF Mother-to-Child Transmission
PDF Needle Exchange
PDF Piercing and HCV
PDF Prevention of HCV
PDF Sex and Hep C
PDF Tattoos and HCV
PDF Hepatitis & Tattoos Website

PDF Help with Medicines (Patient Assistance)
PDF HCV Medicines
PDF Important Info about Protease Inhibitors (PI's)
PDF Incivek (Telaprevir)
PDF Medication Guide
PDF Methadone and HCV Treatment
PDF New Hep C Medicines
PDF Ribavirin Warning!
PDF Managing Side Effects
PDF Victrelis (boceprevir)
PDF What about Treatment?

Hepatitis C Basics

General Information
PDF An Introduction to the Liver
PDF Getting Benefits Under Social Security with HCV (Hepatitis C)
PDF Hepatitis C: The Basics
PDF Hepatitis C Disclosure
PDF Living with Hepatitis C: Managing Common Symptoms
PDF Testing Positive for Hep C: Now What?

HCV Diagnostic Tools
PDF Grading & Staging a Liver Biopsy
PDF HCV Viral Load Tests
PDF Liver Biopsy
PDF Liver Biopsy
PDF Reading a Lab Report

HCV Disease Progression
PDF Fatty Liver
PDF What Is Fibrosis / Cirrhosis?

HCV Sexual Transmission/Prevention
PDF Mother-to-Child Transmission
PDF Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C
PDF Tattoos
PDF Hepatitis & Tattoos Website

HCV Treatment
PDF How to Evaluate a Clinical Trial
PDF New HCV Antivirals and Drug Resistance October 2011

HCSP Factsheet Series

PDF A Simple Guide to Reading an Abstract
PDF Advocates and Activists Needed!

PDF Alcohol and HCV
PDF Tips for Staying Alcohol-Free at Social Events

Being an Effective Healthcare Consumer
PDF Calling your Medical Provider
PDF Choosing a Medical Provider
PDF Getting Organized for the Health of It
PDF Maximizing Your Medical Appointments
PDF The Medical Alphabet
PDF Medical Appointments
PDF Medication Guidelines
PDF Tips for Lowering Prescription Drug Costs
PDF Your Medical History

Extrahepatic Manifestations of HCV
PDF Extrahepatic Manifestations (overview)
PDF Cryoglobulinemia
PDF Essential Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis
PDF Fibromyalgia
PDF Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis
PDF Lichen Planus
PDF Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL)
PDF Peripheral Neuropathy (PN)
PDF Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT)
PDF Pruritus (Itching)
PDF Raynaud's Phenomenon
PDF Sjögren’s (Show grins) Syndrome
PDF Skin Conditions
PDF Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
PDF Vitiligo
PDF Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

General Information
PDF Hepatitis A:What You Need to Know
PDF Hepatitis E (HEV)
PDF Iron Overload
PDF Similarities and Differences between HIV and HCV

HCV Benefits and Disability Issues
PDF American with Disabilities Act
PDF Completing Social Security and Insurance Questionnaires
PDF Getting Disability Benefits
PDF Life Insurance 101: The Basics

Hepatitis C and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
PDF Overview
PDF CAM Information & Finding a Practitioner
PDF HCV & CAM: Dietary Supplements to Avoid
PDF Complementary and Alternative Medicine Resources
PDF Dietary Substances and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
PDF Herbal Dietary Supplements Glossary
PDF Herbs and Dietary Supplements: Making Safer and Wiser Choices
PDF Herbs and Hepatitis C
PDF Self-Help Acupressure for Hepatitis C

HCV Diagnostic Tools
PDF An Overview of HCV Diagnostic Tests
PDF Grading and Staging a Liver Biopsy
PDF HCV Antibody Tests
PDF HCV Genotype, Subtype and Quasispecies
PDF HCV Lifecycle
PDF HCV Viral Load Tests
PDF Liver Biopsy
PDF Liver Biopsy
PDF Non-Invasive Markers of Liver Fibrosis
PDF Reading a Lab Report: A Basic Primer

HCV Disease Progression
PDF Cirrhosis
PDF Fibrosis
PDF Steatosis October 2011
PDF Liver Transplantation
PDF Symptoms and Complications of Cirrhosis

HCV Education and Support
PDF How to Tell Children They Have Hepatitis
PDF Finding a Hepatitis C Support Group
PDF A Brief History of HCV
PDF Hepatitis C and the Workplace: A Guide for Employers and Coworkers
PDF Hepatitis C: Disclosure
PDF Dispelling Myths about HCV
PDF Testing Positive — Now What?
PDF Top 10 Counseling Messages

HCV and Mental Health
PDF Overview of Depression
PDF Depression: Self-Help Tips
PDF HCV and Depression
PDF Managing Depression
PDF Medical Treatment for Depression
PDF Mental Health Resources

And many more....


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oh my  :)
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wow!  you are full of information.  i'm very impressed.  take care.  belle
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nancy, welcome to the forum.  i wish you all the best.  there's a lot to learn and there's people to help you get thru it.  we're all cyber friends here.  take care,  belle
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