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natural cure

Hi I'm new here, and I've been doing some research on juicing and green smoothies has anyone tried this I don't want to do the interferon treatments, I feel awful all the time I'm so tired and no energy can someone tell me what smoothies work for this disease or if they do
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can someone tell me what smoothies work for this disease or if they do
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Unfortunately no smoothies juicing or otherwise like supplements will work to rid yourself of the virus.

Currently the treatments consist of a triple drug regime that includes INF. if you have geno type 1  and a combo tx that includes INF/ Riba for other types (2,3 and possibly4)

If you know the stage of your liver damage(fibrosis)  by either biopsy or possibly a" fibroscan "test, it may be an option to wait until there  is other therapy regimes  avai.(without INF.)

These are currently being tested in trials and could be avail in the next few years.

Best to you and welcome...

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Hi and Welcome to the Forum!
I haven't heard of such thing as what you are talking about from anyone on the forum.There are some very good treatments out there,some without the INF.That would be up to your Hepatologist to whats best for you.
I dont know of a natural cure for HepC, others might disagree.
How long have you had HepC?
Do you have Cirrhosis?

If you are not at Cirrhosis yet,it would be best to do treatment before it gets to that stage.The sooner you get on it the better.

Good Luck to you,
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There are some very good treatments out there,some without the INF.

Currently ,,only in experimental trials


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Thanks for correcting my post.

Yes in trials...that is what cured me.If it wasn't for the trials,that helps All in the long run,I would still have the Virus.A BIG thanks to the Clinical Trials!!!

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There is no known natural cure for Hepatitis C.   Good nutrition is very important if you do have Hepatitis C.  Eat healthy, don't drink alcohol and
get lots of rest.  You can search "juicing" on this form and read lots of posts.
Best To You
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Like what the other members have said, juicing wont help, but next year there will be a much easier, and Interferon Free Treatment.
    Until then,  the Juicer will definitely prime you, for a successful Treatment, by keeping your vitamin levels up to par. ALso, taking vitamin D3, which works well with foods high in calcium, will also help.
   Vitamin D3 can cause toxic reaction, if you take 50,000 mgs at one.,I would suggest taking one 1000 mg D3 daily, and a B12 1000 macs, in the morning.
   Until you have a biopsy, or a specific test, you won't know if you are one of the Heppers who have "iron overload"' , so you should avoid vitamins with iron added, which can be dangerous for iron overloads.  I think only about 15% of Heppers have this.
     I would suggest a biopsy: they will give an Ativan drip, and you won't feel a thing. You will prob feel better, once you know,how your liver is looking like
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I don't think anyone wants to do interferon treatment. We do it because it's the only thing currently available that can rid us of the virus.

Although newer, better treatments are on the horizon, nobody, not our doctors, not Boceprivirgal, not anyone, knows when the FDA will approve them for general use.

Find out what condition or rather stage of fibrosis your liver is at. Then you can make an informed decision about whether to do treatment now, or wait.
In the meantime, eat well, as fresh and organic as possible,  don't drink alcohol and do drink coffee.
Smoothies are fine but they won't cure you.
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Juicing is beneficial....as stated it is not a cure...but juicing is beneficial whether you are ill or not.  For one it helps you lose weight.  When Montel got MS and started juicing I got into it too even tho I don't have MS...was looking for a way to introduce more vegetables into my life.  I also bought a Nutri-Bullet system and their recipes are good.  Dr.Oz has some good smoothie recipes.  I too started researching vegetable and fruits,  Have eliminated meat in all forms from my diet.  Will eat their by products like eggs, cheese, etc. Get protein from beans, lentils and other protein sources.  So while I am not 100% veggie I have tried to clean up my dietary habits...watch my sugar and sodium intake...no alcohol...no smoking..  So while changing your diet is not a cure it surely can't hurt.
Most doctors are always telling you to lose weight.  As I am facing transplant they want me to get more weight off so I will do better in surgery.  After following these guidelines and doing pretty well and feeling better and more energized and clear headed I still was having problems with fatigue after eating.  As one of the senior posters pointed out to me that at my stage it is a job for my liver to disseminate and process food.  It takes a lot of energy and that is why I was feeling so tired and also at my last blood workup (which I get every 6 wks now) they found out that I was hypro thyroid and my zinc levels were really low.  I take all the vitamins and sups they put me on like Vit D, potassium, etc.  Interaction is a crazy thing.  Because each of us is an individual with our own components only your doctor can tell you want you really need in pill form because sometimes one thing negates another.  But now so with juicing.....so good luck on your dietary quest.

I use to be a chocoholic...even my kids would hide their candy...now I crave oranges, grapes, watermelon, etc.

The posters on here are good...ranging from expert to not...not, like me :-)who can only offer you my own personal experiences.  I am still learning new stuff daily from the posters on this site.  I was lucky to have found them as they are a patient group.

If you go back through the last 3 months of posts or go to my post you can hook up on to some other posters about dietary needs.  

I can tell you that at stage 4 w/decompensated liver...having failed 3 different trials which all had interferon that I would do them all over again if there was even a possibility. Do what your doctor says...be sure you are going to a gastrologist and if you are still worried, get a second opinion.
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