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pain with hair loss?

Is there pain when you loose your hair? I am in my 11/48 wk of tx. My hair started falling out about the 8th week and hasn't stopped. My NP says it should slow down after the 12th week or so... is this true? It hurts when it falls out. It feels like my hair follicles are being pinched off. Does anyone else have pain or reddness? A friend of mine said that when she had breast cancer and went thru chemo that it hurt... What can I do?
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I have no pain. Since week 17 or so..I do have SEVERE plaque (psoriasis) of my scalp from treatment. Not much was able to be   done   for that. Just hoping it resolves after this is over.
I have white flakes covering the 20% of hair I have left. Im in my 43rd week and so far have lost 80% of hair.THe scalp is itchy 24/7 and I do have red spots also.
Dry as dry can be.
Not a comfortable feeling I know.
It will grow back...
DOnt wash your hair or brush too much.

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Thank you for your comment... Hope the end of your treatment goes well.
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You too. Good luck with yout tx as well.
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The only thing that hurts is my pride!  My hair was very thick but not anymore.
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mine did hurt.  But the pain was more like if the hair was in a ponytail and then taken out.  It hurt at the scalp.  I read somewhere that it is actually breaking off at the scalp.  I only washed mine once a week aand if I didn't leave the house I didn't brush it but once a day.  

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My hair fell out all during all 72 weeks of treatment. I lost about 80% of it and it did hurt me where the follicle meets the scalp sometimes as if I'd had it up in a ponytail all day long and then let it out if you know what I mean.......

Fortunately, it's grows back great and quick!
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Yes it feels like I have had my hair up in a ponytail all day!! Ok so I won't expect to stop shedding soon then... ugh. My hair was really long - to my butt... now it is above my shoulders and that has helped with the crawling hairs all over me. Now the hairs fly around the car, bed, wherever...
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Mine didn't really hurt...it felt like my hair roots were on fire.  Tx for 6 mo.  Still losing hair.  Dr. told me yesterday to give it a month or two.  He is also testing my thyroid to see if that might be the reason I'm still losing it...my hair that is!  
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Mine hurt.  I would get the ponytail sensation about a week before it started falling out.  At about 4 months I began to lose lots of hair - this went on for a month then stopped.  Two months later I went through another cycle of hair loss.  Same thing - scalp hurt and a week later hair began to fall out.  It fell out for about 4 weeks, then stopped. I finished tx the first week of August and my hair is growing back.  

Six weeks before EOT my thyroid went hypo, I've been taking meds for that and my hair has improved a lot since I started them.

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It was extremely painful when I looked in the mirror. Does that count? It should.
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clever and so true!

Was for me as well.

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When you guy's look in the mirror.Don't look at the balding, frail, pastey,low to no energy person looking back.Look at the ----- I've done the Best I can with what I've been given person looking back.Just know pretty soon those eyes looking back are doing it.Did you have to grab your wheelchair or crutches to get to the mirror ?Some yes.Some no.Be thankful you have a chance to beat this...smile at the person in the mirror before you leave and know this treatment can consume you, but know it can't eat you.You will WIN.
God Bless,
P.S. I have long thick thick hair and I know when it's falling out, so are the chain reaction train thingys out of my body.I know your hair is a part of you just as your liver is.You just can't see your liver.That's enough from me.Geeeeesh.
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