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the big day

tomorrow is the big day first day of treatment i guess i will get a  better  knowledge of my situation after i find out exactly whats in store  how often i go if i need blood test once a month the kit and kaboodle
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Since you're on treatment for 48 weeks, that would have you as Genotype 1 - the other Genotypes  - 2 and 3, 4 is rare in NA - treat for 24 weeks.  Just going on that, I'd say you're Genotype 1.

Starting treatment tomorrow but not knowing how often you go for blood tests and all that...kinda concerns me that you don't know what you're in for when you're about to start a pretty serious treatment and for a long haul at 48 weeks also.

Did your doctor give you information on what kinds of side effects you can expect?  Have you had a liver biopsy to determine what stage of liver damage you're at?  Wondering when you were diagnosed?  

Hate to ask you these things when treatment starts tomorrow however I've also seen too many people not well prepared before treatment starts and I'd hate that to happen to you even more.  

Did your doctor talk to you about the new drugs coming available?  Boceprevir/Victrelis just got approved and is being pushed to market very fast.  Telaprevir is probably going to be likewise within the month.  Both of those drugs offer a higher rate of cure particularly to someone who has never done treatment before.  Did your doctor talk to you about this and a decision made with full understanding to go ahead with treatment without them?

Again....sorry to ask you these questions the day before you begin treatment....I would rather you know what you're getting into cause this is your life and 48 weeks on these drugs is serious business.


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Hi there....I see you asked about what are the different geno types in another post. Geno type 1 is the most prevalent in North America,and it is the hardest to treat with current meds avail. (about 45  -50%) depending on many factors. Geno type 2 and 3 are somewhat more successfully treated ,about 70 --80 % successful and generally a shorter treatment period.

As FIGUY   asked...why are you starting TX. now when imminently the new meds will be avail. that will increase the above odds considerably?

however..if you are starting tx. today  good luck...

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It still makes no sense to me why you are starting treatment with pginterferon and ribavirin when the new (much more effective) meds are sooooo close.  You need to reconsider your decision with a well-informed liver doctor.  You need to understand all options.
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Good luck I'm right behind you!! I have my first treatment on Aug 1st.  I hope all goes well! We will beat this thang!! Just hang in there, your not alone!
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Wishing you luck.  What treatment are you doing?  
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