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treatment of hcv in low platelet counts

My wife has a chronic problem of  low plate let counts since late 80s but they range around 80 to 90 thousand.
In1996 she got Hcv +ve she was not given interfran due to late platelet counts. She has magakyrocite aplausea .
Whith time now the plate lets has gone down up to 15 thousands. Now drs are worried and think that interfran should have been given earlier. Can any one tell me the results of PROMACTA   and interfran one after other
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I do not know the answer to your question but I will give your post a boost towards the top and hope that someone who does know will answer your question.

I wish you and your wife the best.
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I am not a doctor and not familiar with diseases other then hepatitis C (such as Megakaryocytic Aplasia) and liver disease.Your wife needs to see a Hematologist and manage her current illness first before treating her hepatitis C because the current drugs will lower her platelet count to a life-threatening level.

Since your wife has a bone marrow disease that effects her platelet count it is a problem for her to treat her hepatitis C with the current medications that are available. All the current treatments involve the use of interferon which as a side effect reduces platelet counts.

If it is true her platelet count has gone down to 15,000 there is no way she can treat her hepatitis. According to the peg-interferon drug label a person should have at least a platelet count of 70,000 at the start of treatment. She already has a disease that is dangerous. With a platelet count that low she must be prone to bleeding and may have bruises under her skin from bleeding. Platelets are the major blood-clotting elements of the body. They group together to seal off blood vessel damage caused by cuts or other traumatic injuries.She needs to first manage her Megakaryocytic Aplasia. Megakaryocytic Aplasia is a very rare disease. Your wife should see the best Hematologist she can as this disease is caused by a disorder of blood cells. And there is treatment for her disease.

There is nothing that will raise platelet counts permanently except treating the underlying cause of her low platelet counts. Treating your wife's Megakaryocytic Aplasia. Promacta is used and blood transfusions with platelets are only temporary solutions that raise platelet counts for a short time. Promacta is a very expensive drug for treating chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). Not for treating Megakaryocytic Aplasia. Blood transfusions will raise a person platelet count for awhile.

Your wife needs to see the best Hematologist she can so she can get treatment for her Megakaryocytic Aplasia first, before thinking of treating her hepatitis C. It is too dangerous for her with her condition to take any drug that will lower her platelet count further.

Good luck!

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I am currently on Promacta (75-mg/once day) along with the triple with Incivek.
My platelets have been between 35 and 80 since on the Promacta.
My last round ov tx with daily Infergen dropped my platelets to 7 so they stopped tx immediately. This time all seems much better.
Promacta is known to cause liver problems itself so you need to me monitored very closely.
Like Hector says, you need to see an hematologist to dispense it. Not sure if it is OK  to take with Megakaryocytic Aplasia. I am seeing an oncologist hematologist for my Promacta.

If you want to know more about my experiences. let me know!

Good Luck!!!,
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Thanks a lot for your response. I am from Pakistan and PROMACTA is not available here. From which country u r and how much it costs to you in US $.
My wifes ALT remain around 55 to 60 with out any anti viral.the major problem is that bone marrow is being affected by virse.
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Ii am frim the US. I get mine through  co-pay of $20. My receipt lists the regular cost of $7141.65 for 30 days supply
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