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what makes liver Enzimes elevated when you on treatment

I ask my dr assistant he just laughd said not worried . That was skirting my question. so wondering if anyone had ideas.
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Hi BBJ: My experience with my treatments is enzymes don't go up while on treatment. My enzymes went down as the treatment was eradicating the virus. There may be a few week delay before the enzymes start dropping. Are you on HCV treatment? If yes, are your enzymes going up? If yes, what were they at the beginning of treatment and what are they now? Cheers, GB
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mine were never very high to begin with - AST=43 (normal=0-37), ALT=77 (normal=15-65).  they did go to nomal range at first during treatment, then jumped up to out of range after a few weeks (ALT=83 @ week 4), but now they are working thier way down again, still a little high ([email protected] 8), but almost normal.  My doc is not concerned about it for now. My guess is that my liver is very busy these days, fighting for it's health...I think the enzymes may just move up and down a little...as long as it doesn't jump up super high,or stay elevated,  it's probably not a big deal, at least that's how my doc has presented it to me.
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when I first went to dr to be tested   alk 148---87 that was in Nov. When first tested.... Started treatmen in Jan  got blood work  in Feb alt 108.0 ast 97  Then on Mar 12 when I wnet back he did blood work Alt 149  Ast 129 so they about same as when started . I am sure other things affect these but I dont know  I am hip c type 3- 24 weeks  treatment...... He laughed at me when i ask about these like no big deal  he said I am not worried about these was not very assuring rest of blood work is pertty much in range except w/b it it is 3.4. I have not saw the real Dr but once he lets others do follow up .....But when i go back if he dont answer I am going ask why he is skirting the question
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    My enzymes also went up temporarily, I attribute it to the fluconazole pill I took for my yeast infection. I also read on the forum that deoderant can also cause your liver to work harder to rid itself of the ingredients in most deoderants.
     My hair gel has alcohol in it so I stopped using it. My enzymes came back down in last lab work.
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BBJ: bootcampbilly makes an excellent point -- there are other things besides HCV that can contribute to elevated enzymes. GB
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Interferon in some people can have a liver toxic effect.
My ALT kept climbing towards the last 3 months of tx
which drove me nuts thinking the virus was coming back.
When I stopped tx my ALT went back to normal.

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Thanks makes me feel little better...........Thanks to all of u.
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Mine went up during tx after they had gone to normal. Doctor was slightly concerned but said interferon can make them go up. I am still UND at week 24, that's what I want to see!
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I guess I just needed to hear others had same problem,
God Bless u all you the best
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This seems to happen commonly. Don't worry.
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Enzymes usually go down with successful treatment but they can go up.
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... the bottom line is not what your enzymes are, but what your viral load is. if possible have your viral load tested. That is the best indicator of how treatment is working.
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Hi I remember when I was on my first tx my liver enzymes were all over the place and I was panicked.  The doctor explained that there were a lot of changes going on and that I should not focus on one number (except the viral load)  He said he was looking at the big picture and I was doing fine, I am sure you are too.
I understand how you feel, I was there at one time
Best of luck
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thanks dee this treatment is scarry
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Liver enzymes can elevate during treatment and it doesn't necessarily mean you are failing treatment at all. The same thing happened to me and I went on to SVR fine. Don't worry, be happy.
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I went back to dr Yesterday. We talked about enzimes .  I was told dont worry about them the last time u was UND that is what we striving for now . The Dr said a lot of the test will be  low or  others may be elevated while u are on treatment  some are related to the meds.  this  week started 13/24 going down the hill now. Top was long way up.Thanks so much for sharing your ups an downs. helps us all to know we knot alone.

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