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A sailing story for the weekend

My wife and I sailed our boat to St Martin from Connecticut.  We started from there an sailed BVIs, Puerto Rico, St Martin/St Bart, Saba, St Eustachia, St Kitts, Nevis, Antigua and Guadalupe.  It is possible to sail from island to island without sailing overnight, except for the sail from the BVIs to St Martin.  For that, you have to leave at midnight and you will arrive late afternoon the next day.  It is essential that you arrive during daylight as there are many reefs and obstructions that make landfall at night dangerous.

Although these islands are close to each other in distance, they are very different geologically and politically.  The “older” islands have rounded hills while the “newer” islands have small mountains and the volcanoes that created them are still prominent.

The volcano on Saba is frightening to look at as you can see strong evidence that a cataclysm of unimaginable proportion happened here.  The top of the volcano has been blown completely off leaving a gaping crater with jagged peaks surviving at the edge.  You can see the huge lava flows down the side of the remaining piece of the volcano leaving a convoluted external skin to the volcano.  You can’t look at this without feeling a sense of the great forces that created the earth.

Politically the islands inherit their culture from France, England, Spain and the Netherlands.  The French islands have wonderful food and a strong French culture.  Many people are naked on their boats and on the beach.  They are totally uninhibited and seem to be unaware of their lack of clothes.

The Spanish islands have a wonderful culture filled with fun loving people that are very friendly.  Vieques and Culebra are two of the most wonderful islands with very few tourists and give a feeling of what the islands were like 30 years ago.

The British islands are polite and reserved, but Tortola in the BVIs has the wildest bar I have ever seen in my 67 years!  They brew a tea made from local hallucinogenic mushrooms; they are not allowed to sell the tea, but they can give it away, so if you buy a cup for ten dollars, you get all the refills you want without charge.  What makes it really wild, is that they offer free drinks to any woman that takes off her panties.  From the collection of panties hanging in the bar, I would say the tea certainly eliminates the reserve of many women!  They have a party every full moon and people come by ferry from all the nearby islands – quite the party – to say the least.  

I still love to party, but my favorite thing to do is to find a deserted cove and drop anchor. I put on the Mozart clarinet concerto and watch the sunset and think I am one of the luckiest people in the world to experience this.

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yes, you are very fortunate to have experienced sailing and the Islands - If I had deep pockets that is exactly what I would be doing in my retirement - But, will have to settle for my little pontoon boat and the river in my backyard
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yes I agree you are so very fortunate too. You live a wonderful life and see so much.
I too will have to settle for my 17 flats fishing boat and the Everglades.
Hallucinogenic mushrooms and girls taknig off their panties!
You little devil you.!!!

Good Health To You
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I do not have deep pockets.  I am willing to make enormous sacrifices to do it.   I am substantially poorer monetarily, because I did this, but so rich in experience that there is no doubt that it was worth it.  I wish I could do this until I am to old or sick to continue, but I can't do that.  
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tulips, PSP: anyone that has a home and a family is rich beyond comparison.  Life is always a trade off unless you are rich.  I made my choice and it may not be right for others.  I traded adventure for stability.
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I have always felt I have had so much love in my life that (my heart has aways been rich) Im so grateful. Beautiful people have always been in my life Im lucky in that respect.'

Monetarily well...thats another story. We certainly cant have it all.
But I wish you a great time and SVR soon.

Have fun and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would not mind being where you are right now.  Such peace and tranquility, I could almost picture as I was reading.  How Wonderful an experience.  

Hey, wonder if one of those panties hanging around were mine. LOL  You never know from my crazy days. WOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOO !!!!!    LOL

JUST KIDDING, never been in that area so I can safely say they would not be mine.  LOL

You and your wife enjoy the rest of your journey.  I would love to get away like that for awhile myself.   Maybe one day.

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Thanks for sharing your story - sounds like a great adventure. You also sound like you are feeling better than your last trip.

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You are welcome.  The story is actually an old one from a year ago.  I just felt like writing something and that is what came to mind.  I should have stated that at the beginning to avoid confusion.

I hope you are well.

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I wish you were there - LOL.
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I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. I only have 2 more weeks of tx. YIPPEE! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Woohooo! Oh yeah ---- see those Blue Frilly grandma panties over there... With the elastic all stretched out --- and the bleach holes? Yep --- those were mine... Heck --- who wants to lose one of their best thongs? If ya know yer goin' wear an old pair on top... LMAO!

Just kidding.

That was a wonderful piece Ron - you need to write a LOT more... Just free associate. It makes me feel good - and kind of "floaty" to read with you. This is definetely a talent you need to persue.

But mushroom tea? OOoh now that would be interesting. LOL!

But the volcano part - yeah - here in Alaska we have a lot of them. (Ring of Fire). So that awesome feeling... of being so small compared to the amazing creation and formation of Earth is well known to me. It makes you feel insignificant for a moment... But not in a bad way. In a way that makes you feel as though it is important for you to observe it... as if it were meant for you and you alone to fathom out the complexities and marvel at it.

Here's hoping that you're having a beautifully relaxed day --- and that you remember to go up and kiss your wife gently on the neck to let her know she's special today!


Ps. Put those panties back.... LMAO!
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OK --- RON = ERIC... LMAO ---

My brain scroogles up names... All the time ---- my kids get the "John, Jazlyn, John-Michael, Missy, Simon, screw it --- whoever you are get over here and clean up this mess."

(Just FYI those are the kids and the critter's names...)

By the way ---- I only have one kid... LMAO --- My hubby has one from a previous marriage, he's 18 now... sigh... But he says I'm his best friend --- but NOT his mom... Cause he really dislikes his mother right now.

So anyways - I can''t remember anyone's name for long. But ask me what they had for breakfast 2 weeks ago --- or what they like to drink... Dang... I should have been a waitress. LOL!


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What's in a name?  So - forget it, I don't care that you called me Ron by mistake.  What is sweet is that you care enough that I might be upset that you post an apology.

I don't think I am going to post any more sailing stories.  I am bothered that some people see it as a comparison with their lives.  The last thing I want is for anyone to feel that I am rich and they are not.  First, I am not rich and second everyone has things in their own lives that make them rich.  I only wanted to provide a diversion so people can forget about HCV for a few minutes.
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Oh ooh ooh oho ohohoh NO -- YOU POST SAILING stories...

Who cares if others indulge in the fantasy that you're rich? Heck --- don't you ever get to indulge in that fantasy? That's a great dream to have.

I've learned that it really doesn't matter how much money you have... You'll always spend to what you've got --- If you're rich, you spend to the amount you have --- and you still have money problems, unless you're Bill Gates --- then even he has money problems to some point.

But it is true that having a boat ---- having a plane --- those kinds of things can make people appear to be wealthier than your average person... People often see the materialistic value as being face value... And not the time and effort put into it.

But your stories are wonderful... they are a lovely breath of fresh air...

You have definitely given all of us a breath away from our own troubles. So please... Please... PLEASE... I beg you... If the whimsy arrives for you to write them --- or if you find them in an old journal - please keep posting them. They are beautiful.

And we all compare things from others to our own lives. It's our only point of reference... Our life.

Eric - I do care that I can't remember names - because well - I dunno - cause it makes me feel like a dork... LOL!

Sweetie - you're a wonderful person - every single day. Amazing what you've been through - that you can even take the time to write - or share a story of your life is beyond most people's comprehension or capability.

So an extra special hug is in order.


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As always you have a point and you are persuasive.  I was blown away that anyone would think I am rich.  I guess I didn't really think how people would perceive that.

Many people could afford to do what I do if they decided to make the necessary sacrifices to do it. Anyway, I'll let some time pass and see how I feel.

How do you feel today?  I saw in another thread that you are sick.
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    I surely hope you don't stop posting your sailing stories Eric.  I for one would miss them.  And I s'pose you'd have to be a sea person to appreciate how much you have to give up to do what you do.  I have seven brothers who are all in love with the sea and they're always broke.  Every penny they earn goes back into the boat. ; ]
  Your posts are more than a diversion.  Though, jeez, we need one.  Hep C almost becomes an OCD disease doesn't it?  It doesn't matter if we have it, are treating it, relapsed or SVRrd, we never stop thinking about it.  It's the monster in our closet.
Thank you for your post cards.  There's another piece here that's not really a diversion but a reminder and no less beautiful.  It's OrphanedHawk's poem The Invaders.  Scroll down if you haven't seen it yet.  
I think poor Meki starts back to work today.  Poor baby. Now I'd better get my butt to work. ; ]
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I appreciate your comments.

Yes boating has gotten so expensive that it is now ridiculous to pay these prices.  Normally I do most of the work myself to keep the cost down; this year I have been too sick to do it, so the boat is badly neglected.

I will try another story on a day when I am feeling better.  I take my shot on Monday and Tuesday is usually the worst day of the week for me.

Thanks for the tip on the poem.  I will look for it.

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Nice story. I'm a big fan of Vieques myself - though not what our military has done to it  - squeezed all the landowners into the center strip. Mainland Puetro Rico sold them out. I'll tell a funny Blue Lagoon story when  I have more time....
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Have you been there since the nave departed?  It has really changed; property values have gone crazy.  The locals are still wonderful though.  It's a great place.
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Who do you think Gilligan would be? I don't wanna say but follow my eyes, could it be, Goofydad???? I think Lonestar looks a little like Maryann too...he he he....
217229 tn?1192762404
Can I be Mrs. Thurston... LMAO ----

But YOU forsee --- YOU could be Ginger... Yeah --- That's the ticket...

OOooh baby --- yep - you got that part... I'll be Mrs. Thurston...  We'll go party at Starbucks --- when the crate washes ashore....


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How do I get there?
217229 tn?1192762404
From here
220090 tn?1379167187
from somewhere.
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