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just found out that hubby is SVR!! mega celebrations love Jules xxx
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WOW! That's great news Jules! Very happy for you and your hubby!
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Congratulation!!!Great news!
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That's great! Congratulations! Such a great feeling :)
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This is wonderful news. Congratulations!
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Congrats! So many SVRs. Such good news to hear.
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Great news for both of you...
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        fantastic news!  i hope your hubby is feeling better. you two earned this SVR
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Yaaaaay! You and your hubby enjoy your new lives together. It seems like the whole group we treated with are getting their SVR badges.
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We would both like to say a massive thank-you from the bottom of our hearts we cant thank you guys enough you all helped and guided us through the darkest of tunnels and led us to the light just round the corner! So once again thank-you love from us both XXX
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This is awesome news!!  It's very satisfying to watch the list grow!!
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i agree like you and Reidmusic said the list is growing and the badges are bigger about the size of our hangovers this morning reckon the neighbours thought we had finally cracked up playing& singing darkside of the moon even Asbo had an howl but nobody was going to 'p--s' on our srawberries last night. Thanks Jules xx
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Wow!!! This is great!! I'm glad you partied!! Did you make appetizers?? Ha!!!! Congrats to hubby!!! Hope his skin is getting better!!!  :):)    Kitty
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This is great news!  Congratulations to you both and the news gets better and better each day with all the SVRs being posted.
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Wonderful news Chef!  Congrats to hubby :)
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Happy for you both, you have been very supportive for your husband and this is the best possible news and you both deserve a hep free life!
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