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Anemia of chronic diseasen help!!!!

Does anyone know anything about Anemia of chronic disease?  My mom was diagonesed today with it, but everything I am reading about says its the underlying cause of either cancer/RA/ or any other chronic disase.  She has been tested for everything else.  They thought she was malnourished because she has been loosing weight.  They are starting procrit this week, because they have found a aerotic anyoriusm and they wont clear her for the opertion until her counts come up.  sorry for spelling, Just am really nervous!!!

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I am not sure, probably there are a lot of answers, what does the Doc say?   Could it be the aoritic ann? I know txt, wipes out HGB,   Chemo does,   I will ask my Nurse,

Now breath and don't panic!  It will be ok!

Love you my sorella mia!
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Thanks Deb, I did call her doctor and she will call back tomorrow.

The blood doctor first said you have Ruemtory arthristis, and my mom said "no id ont" and then she said the red blood cells are not making enough?  could be from the kidneys?  Then she said they would start the procrit and when the count comes to 10 she ould clear her for the surgey.
The procrit they are starting that on Thursday, does the count usually come up with the first shot or do you think she may need more.
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Well, they don't always KNOW what the chronic disease is.  I have had anemia of chronic disease (its sometimes called anemia of unknown disease) for years and no clue yet as to why I don't make epo appropriately.

Fortunately, it can frequently be managed with procrit.  She should ask for a kidney consult as frequently it can be something wrong with the kidneys.  In my own case, they can't find anything wrong there either.  
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thanks for all your help!!

I will ask the doc all those questions tomorrow
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think it depends, mine worked quickly, but have read lots have  had to wait a couple of weeks, for it to work.

you know I am here if you need to talk yes?
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My dad was diagnosed with anemia of chronic disease this past year as well.  

He also had pretty severe kidney problems caused by Aleve that have since resolved.  They are just monitoring the anemia at this point..no procirt or any rx for it, just iron supplements.  

I hope it turns out well for  your mom.  Please keep us posted...and remember to take care of yourself, too.  Hang in there, Rita :-)
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Ok so I talked with her primary doctor and the aenmia is coming from a couple of things, age, weight loss, some high blood pressure.  Basically she is saying that it not a "severe" chronic disase.  They need to get the counts up before they can do the surgey.  Her first shot of procrit was last thursday and she will have a blood test this coming thursday and they will see if she needs another shot.

When I aske about postponing the surgey until after the holidays, she said that would be ok.  She is hoping my mom puts on some weight, especially with the holidays.  

I went to see her yesterday after work, and she looks really good, She is not nervous about any of it.  

Deb - my sister has been taking her to all the doctors so she is helping out!!!

thank you all for you notes and input.

Love ya!

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I hope your mom is doing alright. You have my prayers.
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Sounds like things are getting sorted out....procrit takes awhile to work for me.  First time took five shots and then things changed after the next one.  This time I am three shots in and my hgb is only slightly going up.  It's all different but if she's okay with waiting for the operation then seems the waiting is okay.  Once they have her hgb up, I hope they keep her on maintenance doses of procrit to keep her hgb maintained until her operation?

Good luck with your mom, Rita .. and how are YOU holding up?

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