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Another memer of the SVR Club!!

Well, I guess it means that I'm cured ?!  24 week EOT Viral Load test result was UNDETECTED. I want to thank all the posters and friends I made on here that helped me limp through the 6months of triple tx and then the post tx sx also. (which I still have btw) You know who you are! You are the best -  Thank you so much for your help, posts and sharing of your experience(s)
All the very best to those still treating and those still with "issues"
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Wonderful news. Congratulations! Enjoy your new Hep C free life.   : )
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There's nothing better than hearing SVR.  I know.....its like hearing you won a big prize......and you have : D.   Congratulations !!!

Don't worry and be happy in your hep C free life.

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Congratulations!!! I really...really...enjoy seeing this...
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Great, Great News!!!! :-)
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Congratulations! Well done!! Fantastic!!! Brilliant!!!! I think that sums it up enjoy your hepc free life. Loads of love and best wishes too Jules xxx
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Well done in completing your tx and congrats on your SVR.  Hope your post tx sx resolve themselves very soon.  I does take some time for the skin to return to normal.  
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That is fantastic news!  I hope to hear the same in a few months.  Congrats!
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Always great news to hear... Congrats!!!
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a very heartfelt congratulations to you!  Isnt that just the best feeling!
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Congrats on being Hep C free!
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Great news! It is really great to read SVR news from so many! Enjoy your life without the worry of HCV!
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     another member!!!  welcome, and may you continue to get better ,and better
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Good on you, kiddo. Bloody hard slog though.
Hope you'll soon be back on the farm.
Take care of yourself.
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Congratulations.....much happiness to you
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Great, great news !,Congratulation!!!
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I don't get on the social website very often, but I'm really glad I finally visited as this news is too good to miss. I'm so happy for you!!
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Thank you everyone!!!
Couldn't have got through without all your support.
Now my brain is getting clearer and I'm feeling better with more energy every day.
I want to do something different after my hell year.
Thinking of moving to Australia and living in the sun for awhile.
Just feel like a new adventure.
Onwards and upwards!
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Australia sounds good, wait for me, I am coming too :)
Gold Cost or Sydney look appealing as the weather is good all year
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