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Can't breathe!!

I've been having this problem for months now!!!!! I can't take a full breath of fresh air. Feels as if I have to yawn to feel a sense of relief. Doc currently has me on ativan and a heart beta blocker for palpitations which also help me not to have panic attacks. These are def helping me not go into a panic cause I can't breathe comfortably, and the medicine is helping my heart to not beat too fast and hyperventilate. But my question is why am I still having the breathing. Even when I walk and if I'm having that sensation of not breathing than it gets harder to take a full breath of fresh air. :(
I have normal thyroid levels, but my antibodies already show I have hashimoto's disease ("early stages"). I'm seeing several doctors for this issue. It is not in my head, no I don't need to see a therapist trust me I am fully calm and have no stress besides for not feeling satisfactions of breathing. And if it takes me too long to get a full yawn or deep breath than it feels like I'm going to pass out even if I'm not breathing in fast and hyperventilating. It's normal slow breathing, but I still feel that way :( I hate living like this. I just wish I knew what it was!!!! :(
Any advice is greatly appreciated! :(
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So sorry to read of your problems

As you have posted in the hepatitis community do you have hepatitis.

You may want to try your question in the respiriotry disease community


I looked briefly at information about Hashimoto's did see anything about breathing but you probably know that already


But really the only way you can get help beyond advice is from a medical professional. Are you being seen by a respiriotry specialist?

Good luck to you
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Hi wifemomteacher!  I just happened to run across your post.  I am on the this site occasionally because of my sister.  But I have Hashimoto's and I think what you refer to is called "Air Hunger".  It happens to me too and I belong to a FB Hashimotos page that often speaks of air hunger.  I never googled it, but it would be something to look into.  I think a pulmonologist or an immunologist would be more knowledegable of this condition.  I never googled it, but it doesn't always happen to me and I recover quickly from it.  I do see an immunologist too for the Hashi's, as well as an endocronologist.  I've had it for over 20 yrs.  I hope this helps!
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