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David Kwiatowski and Hepatitis C: Pain Killer Theft Kills

David Kwiatowski and Hepatitis C: Pain Killer Theft Kills

August 13, 2013 by Janelle Vaesa

A U.S. hospital technician has infected dozens of people with hepatitis C by injecting himself with pain killers that patients were supposed to receive and then refilling the used and now contaminated syringes with saline solution.

David Kwiatkowski, the hospital technician at the Exeter hospital in New Hampshire, left the syringes tainted with his blood when he refilled them with the saline solution he used to replace the patients’ medicine.

Kwiatkowski has been in jail since his arrest in July 2012. In a plea agreement filed this past Monday, August 12, 2013, Kwitowski said he had been stealing these drugs for more than a decade and has “killed a lot of people,” reports the Guardian.

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There is so much more to this story. It's horrible what he did. But what's worse is after getting caught passed out on a bathroom floor with a syringe floating in the toilet next to him, he gets fired, but is able to get a job 3 weeks later in another state.

He managed to slip thru two agencies, that's the worst part of this.

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  I've read or heard about this. To be that selfishly evil is beyond my comprehension.  Haven't gone to see the link you've posted  yet but I will. I want to know how long of a jail term he got. IT IS MURDER, AFTER ALL AND HE SHOULD BE SENTENCED AS SUCH.
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I couldn't believe the story when I read it...

"Kwiatkowski has said that he has been stealing drugs since 2002, and swapped syringes with saline solution at least 50 times in New Hampshire, at least 30 times in Georgia, and more than 20 times in Kansas. The Guardian reports Kwiatkowski saying, ”I’m killing a lot of people.”

He should be treated like a serial killer!
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This is hysterical!!!!!!
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