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Did someone turn up the suns thermostat

Wow, sx lessening or not as many as last tx, but that Sun was a little brighter and warmer than usual this morning.

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I think Al Gore has been fiddling with the thermostat to promote his book.

Possibly it is gas. I have heard reports of a potent, mysterious gas coming from Denmark.  ;)

(OK, Marcia, I didn't actually "hear the reports". I just sort of caught wind of them. lol!  :-))
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oh yes, and birghter, definitely. I'm using my black shades these days.
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I must say i was thinking the same yesterday, as I walked for 5 minutes down the road to pick up something at the supermarket. And it was only 20 degrees C and the sun wasn't shining that strong. It actually felt hot on the skin and my son and his girl did not feel it. The touched my face and it was actually hot to the touch on the side the sun was shining from. Mighty strange!

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Glad to hear your sx are easing up a bit.  I know what you mean about the sun - careful, this tx makes you really susceptible to sunburn.  I found that just driving with my arm on the window on a sunny day was too much without sunblock.  Stock up on some spf 30 if you are outdoors a lot.  Also, if your hair starts to thin be sure to wear a hat outdoors.  I got a bad sunburn on my scalp and in addition to hurting like hell, when it began to peel it was really gross!

Hope all is well with you.  I frequently think of your friend Cathy (colon cancer survivor myself) and pray that she is at peace and free of pain.

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