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Got the call today

Went to Quest for the 3 month post tx blood draw (cbc/pcr) on Friday.  I received the cbc results on Monday and received the call Tuesday (today).  UND!!!  Woohoo!  This is a huge relief after this long tx (Geno 1a, 48 wks, SOC) knowing that I now stand a good chance of beating the dragon this round.   We’ll see at the 6 month PCR.  

Feeling very good both physically and emotionally at 3 month post tx.  I have much more energy now and have no collateral damage or effects from tx that I can recognize at this time.  I'm no longer just trying to get through the day, but taking on challenges with more enthusiasm and tackling more problems, rather than trying to put them off.   Been cycling about 200 miles/week in an attempt to get stronger.  I think I can give the tricycle away now to one of the neighborhood kids.  :-)

Thank you everyone for your help, friendship and inspiration throughout this challenging journey.   There are so many great people here that have helped me and continue to help others through tx.  You provided much more information and encouragement than my treatment team.  Thank you all.  For those treating, keep the faith and focus on the end goal.
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Hey friend,,
There was never a doubt in my mind on this one but always nice to hear it just the same.
You did well....,went the extra mile to make sure and now the reward.

As you know a EOT + 12 is >99% predictive .

Well done and congratulations...
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This makes me smile..I'm so happy for you! Forever UND until SVR!!

Thank you for always being so helpful around here by the way:)
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Congrats, this news made my whole day :), wishing you all the best

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great news!!!  good luck...billy
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Congrats my friend, so glad you made it !
I almost sent you a pm to ask but made myself be patient.
A hard ride but you soared across that finish line, tricycle and all.
Oceans of hugs to you~
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Congratulations!  So very happy for you & your family...onward :)
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Whoop, there it is!!  Excellent news - not surprising news, but oh so excellent!   I'm very happy for you, and especially happy you're back to your usual maniacal rides :)
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An amazing accomplishment with the perfect reward for you. Well deserved to such a valiant and generous person. So very very happy for you!
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your news is fantastic!!!  i'm very happy for you.  BTW you've been an inspiration to lots of people on this forum.  i, for one, am so thankful for my cyber friends here.  best wishes for your rides.  belle
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I think you got it, fl.  IT is not a done deal, but I do believe that the virus manifests before 3 months if it is going to -- it did, when I relapsed.

I am in wonder of your marvelous recovery -- 200 mi per week sounds awesome.  I hope I can do as well.

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200 miles per week?  You must have sweated that virus right out of your system.  Congrats on your 3 mo post tx!  Fabulous news.  And don't leave this forum we still need you on here.  

Congratulations again and enjoy!


ps. Maybe we could ride to Philly and knock on my Dr's door.  I will ride on the handle bars!  HA
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I am so very very happy for you, it was hard and you did it!
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great news!!!!  gives me strength to stay focused on the end result!!!  best wishes
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Very happy for you - You did it!!!!
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Congrats on the great news!  Looking forward to the SVR post in another 12 weeks.  Hope that you get a great ride in on the longest day of the year.
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that is great news. i just had to jump in and say congrats.....what a journey it is; all consuming and not a whole bunch of fun.....now get in the wind and soar...don't forget to smile.
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congrats!  i am down to my last 2 weeks, it would be so easy to just say forget it, close enough and stop, ha...but its great to get reminded why we stick it out...to have the best chance to reach SVR that we can give ourselves.

Can't wait for your 6 month results, but UND at 12 weeks post is just about as safe of bet as you can get that you will reach SVR!
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Well done Spandy, made my day reading your news.......Pxxx
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seems like u have been here for a very long time helping folks. so glad u are now on the other side and doing so well. this is inspiring for so many as they look forward. keep up the good work, babs824
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This is really great news. I am really happy for you.
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Sounds like you've got it beat!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
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congrats to you and yes this feels wonderful. Now if we can hold on for another 3 months :) home free. I also am feeling almost normal but what ever that feels like. I have been hiking and beaching, and just enjoying life again. And yes it was worth it. Just hope I never have to do it again. Great news for you and myself and looking forward to more posts from the class :)   Take care, and be safe zipping around on your two wheeler. :)
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