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Happy Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I was doing tx the last three so it'll be a good change!! Peace and MUCH LUV to all.You to forsee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Bird Day!
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Hope your day is special.  We're leaving here shortly for a short trot over the hills and through the woods to my wif'e's grandmother's house!  (Really)

I'm thankful today for my family, friends, freedom, and particularly thankful for God's grace and mercy on a contrary guy like myself ~ in a special  request that's been answered most positively.  We learned recently we are expecting a child, and I don't remember being more thankful for anything in my life.

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When I watched the doc deliver my daughter I knew there was a higher power. it was the other time I really cried until I got the svr!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was going over the hills and thru the woods!! I also miss the snow more and more every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great comments on your memories of your daughter's birth.  You miss the snow, huh?  Obviously you're from a warm/hot place. lol ... Yep, we enjoy our seasons!  It was a great day yesterday - hoping you and yours enjoyed your time together.
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Missed this.

Hope your Thanksgiving was warm and fuzzy Spec.

I miss the snow too! Hanging Christmas lights in shorts just doesn't cut it.

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