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Hep C & Dating?

Hi all. I have hep c and want to start dating again after divorce. However, I am fearful of rejections, especially the hurtful kind of rejections, if you know what I mean. Before I was married, a guy I dated yelled and called me names when I told him that I had hep c, and we didn't even have sex. It has been so many years since I last dated, so it could be hard enough without hep c. I am scared to date mostly because I don't want to lie, I don't want to "turn the guy off" prematurely, and I don't want to be hurt. And I can't figure out when is a good time to tell and how. Can anyone share your experience? How many rejections (for hep c) did you get before you find your Mr./Ms. Right? When and how did you tell?

By the way, I am trying online dating. Should I tell the person right away, before we even meet in person? I feel that it would be the most efficient and least hurtful approach, but I wonder if I will kill all possibilities by being so upfront.

Please share your story and give me some advice. Thank you.
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There is tons of Hepatitis C dating sites.   Just google "Hepatitis C Dating".
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Look many, many people are married and one has the virus and the other does not. It is spread only via blood to blood contact, not by saliva or other bodily fluids.

I have a good friend who has full blown AIDS and his lover knows and does not have the virus, which is easier to transmit sexually than Hep C.

Good luck and don't worry too much, it's not good for your health:)
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Wow!   Sorry you were treated so badly by this guy.
Why not get treated, cured, and then you never have to worry again.  The treatment is quick, easy and permanent.  In fact, you will feel better emotionally, physically, and your liver will not continue to be damaged.
BTW.  Online dating or not, you don't need to tell anyone prior to meeting them that you have Hep C.  Just be yourself and find out if the person that you meet is someone you may want to get involved with.  If the guy likes you it won't matter if you have Hep C or not.  Take your time to get to know this person and see if there's perhaps a connection or not.  If you feel that the relationship is headed in the right direction and intimacy could be forthcoming then tell him you have the virus.  If he runs away then he wasn't the right one for you.  On the other hand if he accepts you just the way you are then he's a great guy and you may just want to keep him around!
You are not your disease and a good man will know that.
Best Wishes
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This is an interesting topic.   I have heard people talk about Hepatitis C.  People who don't know I had it or were cured.  Its an interesting and uneducated discussion.   What is so interesting is our society has made this out to be cooties.  If I were going to date and Had hepatitis C…. I would date someone who also had Hepatitis C if possible.  I was amazed how many site there was for Hep C dating.  Someone you could talk to.  Be honest with and wouldn't have to worry about what a turn off this would be.   I have know of a person who was very involved and as soon as they found this out the relationship was over.    I think its different for people who have been in long term relationships and find out latter.  They know they haven't
gotten hepatits C from the wife/husband or partner.

….. and yes your should cure your hepatitis C.  There is great new treatments and many of the people on this forum have been cured.  Take
a look at the top answers on this forum.   I do believe all of them once had hepatitis c and are now cured.   Maybe focus on that first instead of dating.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for all of your feedbacks. I had consulted with enough specialists, and all of them told me to wait for better treatments, because the current treatments are too dangerous for me, considering many factors. The newer, "better" drug available now does not work for my genotype. So for now, I am stuck with the virus.
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Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You said all the Dr's have told you to wait as current treatments are too dangerous.  Is that because of other conditions and medications you must use, or is this just old information?

Also, what is your Genotype.  A new med is now on the market (per their news release on July 31st) from BMS for genotype 3.  Also, a new treatment is just FDA a approved for Genotype 4s.  I said it was from AbbVie to someone else, but it could be Merck.

Hope this information helps.

In any case, hang in there, both in the treatment arena AND in the dating arena.



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When did the doctors say that? The new treatments are here now!

If you have genotype 1 with a low viral load not much liver damage and never treated the treatment with Harvoni could be 1 pill a day for as few as 8 weeks with many reporting little to no side effects. The biggest hurdle is getting insurance coverage there is also Viekira pack. If you have a different genotype than 1 you may need to treat with Sovaldi and Ribavirin for up to 24 weeks.

Not knowing your specific health situation you should check with your liver specialist to see what is new and could work for you.

Get tested, get treated, get cured! Fight hepatitis c!

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