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I made it!!!!!!!

I'm so happy to be SVR!!!!!!!!! Wow what a feeling!!!! The relief is unreal!!!
Thank You all for great support. Gosh keep this forum going! I don't think I would of made it if not for the forum, and the knowledge of so many. There was a lot of info on here that made my treatment ....well doable any way!! Lol!

Hang in everyone if your still plugging away. So worth it!

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Nothing like getting that great news.  Happy for you.  Sure does make your day doesn't it.  Maybe even your year.  Congratulations .....you made it :)!
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Stay well,
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Great news! Congrats and enjoy life!!
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Congrats to you !!!!! And thank you for your continued support !
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Whooopeee !!! Hurray and super congrats to you !
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Yaaaaay!!!!! You did it. I'm so happy for you.
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Im soooo happy for you! Congratulations my friend! We supported eachother through TX and are now on the other side....SVR....Hep C free...BLESSED! Love ya,

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That is wonderful news. Congratulations!
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Thank you all so much!!! Didn't think I would be this crazy happy!! I so appreciate all of you and this site!!!!

Bring on the So Cal SVR party Reid & Evan. Haha!!
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Congratulations on achieving SVR!  Your success gives all the rest great hope of doing the same someday.  You should be "crazy happy". You earned it in spades!
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That is awesome!!! Congrats and enjoy your life
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Mzkity, I can really feel your happiness coming through this screen. What wonderful news I'm so happy. Much love,     Sunru
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Glad you made it.  Take care and enjoy life.
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Hope I am not too late to join the party!
That is such good good news.. ;o)
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I'm so happy for you mzkity.  Congrats on SVR, enjoy your Hep C free life!  :)
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WOW!! that is just fantastic well done you! Go crazy you well& truely deserve it. Love from England, Jules xx
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I hope you going to celebrate in style lady!! ENJOY
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Thank you all!!! It was topped off by a stomach virus! Oh well life goes on!! :):)
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So happy to hear of your SVR . I can imagine the relief . Now onward to the rest if you new life ! GOOD LUCK
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          congrats on your well earned victory.  and wishing you a quick recovery.  now enjoy the holidays
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Hi, congratulations! I am so very happy for you Kity, this is excellent news!
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WooHoo! So happy for you! Live Long and Ride Free!
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Fantastic news Kity!!!Thanks for your support too! Wishing you long,healthy and happy life!!!Naya
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Congratulations....but don't be a stranger....let us know how you are doing.  You were inspirational to many and still can be.  So happy for you.
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