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Interested in attending HectorSF memorial?

It's August 25th in the evening at UCSF

I know that Howie helped so many who cannot make it to San Francisco. I propose that each of you who would like to do so, send a card with your name and address or share your favorite Howie story so that I may give them to Howie's sister at the memorial

She is flying cross country so flowers prob not best option

PM me and I will send you my address at home in San Francisco

I think it would mean a lot to Howie's family to know how much we admired and looked up to him, all the lives he changed for the better and how much we loved and miss him

If some of you are in touch with followers who left MedHelp after being cured, please let him know of this opportunity to pay their respects

Thanks everyone
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Yes, I feel like there are many who don't often get on MedHelp and others who were cured and left for good - many of those people relied on Hector's wisdom and thoughtfulness through their Hep C journey

Susan, if you would like to send a card to Hector's family, I will personally give it to Donna, his sitter,  at his memorial. I know it would mean a lot to her

Send me a PM and I will send you my address, which, luckily for me expense-wise, is just a mile or so away from my house and also where Hector (Howie) spent so much of his time, comforting and counseling liver transplant and liver cancer patients
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I am devastated to hear about Howie I just can't believe he's not with us. We used to talk on the phone from time to time and catch up on things. He was so kind to me when I first joined some years ago as well as Dee, Patra.Flyinlynn to name a few in this wonderful family. He will be missed but never be forgotten..RIP Howie...
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Oh my god! I didn't know he passed. No wonder I haven't heard from him in a while. We spoke nearly every day. I didn't hear from him because I thought maybe he didn't want to be bothered because of the pain. I am very sadden to hear this news. I know he struggled with pain constantly after the transplant.

I wish I could attend, but I'm recovering from an ankle replacement and in a orthodontic boot for 5 more weeks.

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I am so sorry to hear about Hector. I haven't been on here in quite awhile and just heard about him.  Even if I had seen this sooner, I wouldn't have been able to afford the trip. I just don't have any extra funds for a plane ticket and I would need to fly, being in FL. Then, there would be hotel expenses and food, etc.,etc. But, my thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. He was such an inspiration and encouragement to so many! Susan400
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Thanks for the update. Not sure whether I'll make it or not but I will send this on to at least one member I know of who medhelp ( sadly) threw off of here. Thanks again.
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I would like to send a card please. Howie was my hero. I have sent PM's to people as well.
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