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Jimi Henrix- Live at Woodstock '69

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I was in San Fran during the late 60s and I saw a lot of bands. The one thing that stood out about Hendrix was that no one seemed to rush the stage like they did with so many acts. We just watched and listened because there was no need to try and make it more exciting - he was all the excitement we could handle.I saw him once in Boston - he played for close to 2 hours and everyone thought the show was over and all of a sudden Jimi jumped 4 feet off the floor and as he hit the ground he struck the first chord of Foxy Lady - no one moved. We were absolutely mesmerized. He really was a true genius.
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A young twenty-year old named Stephen Victor Tallarico (aka Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) showed up in the crowd as a fan.

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Didn't make it to Woodstock it was to far from home....but went to this one in 1969,,,check out the groups that were there.....it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I still have every one of his albums. I grew up listening to him when I was 16 years old and thruout my life. He is a legend.

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I like his biography by Charles Cross called "Room Full Of Mirrors". He used to play guitar on a broom until one of his aunts convinced his dad he should buy him a guitar.

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Ah!!  Vintage Rock with Jimi, I couldn't let this thread pass me by, besides I wanted to add my Jimi icon.  In case nobody knows this my pic is from the 1992 Bumbershoot festival, extremely rare.  I hope everyone txing and not is doing well    
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