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Liver Friendly Anti- Depressants

I have been recently diagnosed with hep-c and am a genotype 2. My Dr. warned me about starting treatment because I have been on and off anti-depressants for years. Can anyone recommend a liver friendly one that works well with the combination therapy?
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hi my hubby just finished triple tx he was put on 30mg of metazepine by his hep doc and they worked really well he started them 2mth before starting tx cause take abit of time to start working well. Good luck with whatever you decide
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I've had chronic problems with clinical depression and have taken Zoloft for years. My doctors carefully reviewed all of my meds before I started triple tx with Incivek, and decided that although Zoloft is not known to interact with Incivek, it is closely related to an ad that does interact, so to err on the side if caution they had me switch to Cymbalta before starting tx. It seemed to me that it worked the same as Zoloft but it cost about 10 times as much. As soon as I finished the 12 weeks of Incivek I was able to go back to Zoloft. It does take time to stabilize on the ad's, but if you are already taking a similar drug it may not require as much time. In my case it only took two weeks since I was already on Zoloft. Do take the depression stuff seriously though; if you are prone to depression then interferon can really do a major hit on your mental state.
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          i was referred to a psych for evaluation.  i was prescribed zoloft.  it helps with depression, general and social anxiety, and panic attacks. its liver friendly according to dr.    after 16 days i noticed a definite calm and my fighting, can do attitude returned.

                          best of luck      barry
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