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Living Donor Paired Exchange Program

Perhaps the same sort of "exchange" can become a way to do things for live liver donors as well - if your organ isn't a match for your intended, then perhaps it's a match for another person's intended and someone else is a match for yours...that sort of thing.  


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What a wonderful article, Trish, thanks for posting.  I know of bone marrow registries, but this takes it to a whole different level.  We often talk about organ donation after death, but what Ms. Taylor did is absolutely phenomenal. It's so sad that in many other countries organs have become a trade commodity, but perhaps programs like this will help eliminate that growing black market. Pretty amazing that civilization has progressed from sharing ideas to sharing organs to make life better for others.
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Great idea!
I've read of a few selfless people who've donated to strangers
In fact when telling one young woman about my live liver transplant, she chirped, " I'd love to help someone in that way!"
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