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Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take a second and wish everyone here on this site a Merry Christmas. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, I wish a sincere Season's Greetings.

Thank you all (too numerous to name names) for being here and making my life a little better.

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Yup, same to you Walrus!!   Merry Xmas all!!  
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Yes, may we all have a wonderful day.
Here's my wishes that we all have a healthy New Year filled with joy and peace of mind.
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2 years ago almost to the date I was diagnosed w/ Hep C, and I entered another world, I didn't even know this existed.  You have made this experience a lot easier to deal with and I want to wish you all a happy, peaceful and loving holiday season.  Peace of Mind the greatest gift.
and oh yeah good health
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Ditto to you all! Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!
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I join you in the Christmas wishes to all, and echo the thanks to all, you being very included for making me giggle, when laughter was my most healing medicine;  hope your holiday period is fruitful, peaceful, and full of love and laughter.
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A late Merry Christmas to you Brent and all here. I honestly tried to sign on to wish all here a happy day, but my internet has been playing off/on all week (could it be a busier week to be on the phone with router and ISP support for hours!) Got it all up this AM, on the lazy after Xmas day.

   Had a wonderful day, did breakfast and dinner here, many friends, family. Other then my dads first Xmas without mom, missing those gone, it was a great day. But then that is probably a part of why we're so close too.

  Thanks to you to for the many things u contribute here. Like Mary said, I think we all entered another world once Hep C came in the picture, but with the bad comes good and this place, the people, were surely the good.

Wishing all a Happy New Year, hoping very much for better health for ALL.

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