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My current situation with Hep C and Liver Cancer


I case some have wondered what happened to me and why I have not been posting.

I am officially not able to get a liver transplant at the current time because my liver cancer is outside of the UNOS criteria to be eligible for a liver transplant. Meaning that based on known data from following transplant patients with AFP numbers as high as mine (667), to give me a transplant at this time, would be not a good use of such a limited resource as a cadaver liver, as my chance of survival post transplant is so poor.

My and my doctor's hope is that my TACE treatment last week will destroy the tumor and lower my AFP number to under 500. Then I would be active on the transplant list again. At that time there will be a small window where I will need to get a transplant before my AFP starts rising again.

So in 3 weeks the MRI and AFP results that will be the decision point.

I am hoping for the best but what I am dealing with is harder than anything I could have imagined. So I am playing it by ear. There is no map for where I am in my life experience so just know I am trying to do the best I can whatever happens.

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You are a helluva fighter Hector!  Hang in there and don't give up.  Wishing you the best

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everyone is hoping things work out for you....good luck hector!
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You're a great guy Hector. I hope and pray that your TACE treatment worked and that you will get a transplant soon. Good luck!
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That seems really unfair since you've been on the list so long. I hope and pray that your AFP number goes under 500. You've been through so much lately and I'll never forget the picture of you smiling before a major medical procedure.
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The world is rooting for you :).  
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Thank you for the update. I had questions, but waited for you to tell us.
I am so sorry, but I still have strong hope this is going to work out. You are the guy that takes on a lot more than dragons,this is your mega dragon and you will kick a$$ as usual, my man.
Prayers and hugs to you.
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Hector I'll be sending prayers your way!! Your such an encouraging and BRAVE man.

May God bless you in your situation.
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Hector - I am very sorry to hear about this latest turn of events. You are an amazingly strong person and we are all hoping and praying that your latest treatment is successful, that your AFP lowers, and you will be relisted as active in short order. After everything you have been through you really deserve a break. I will continue to hope and pray for a postive outcome for you.

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oh Hector i am so sorry to hear this and i hope and pray for you that this new treatment will work for you. Please take care for you like the rest of the site as said ill be praying for you you are a very brave human being.God bless you and your family. Lots of love Jules from England x
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Hi guy, you got to just hang tough. Those TACE treatments zapped them before so you just got to believe at the very least your AFP marker will get low enough to go forward with the TP. I know your still und and on treatment so we just got to get that old liver out of there and replace it with a newer model..... I am sure your thoughts are the same from our past confos... Just an open mind my friend.

As always the very best...
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This is overwhelming to me, but I think you are tougher - thank goodness. I'm joining the throngs here who are sending all their best hopes and wishes your way, along with xoxoxo!
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Saying I'm sorry doesn't seem adequate, but I sincerely am.

Hang on , get that TP my friend !! you are one that will never
give up without a fight and you will keep on fighting.

This is without a doubt the most hardest thing to endure, but you will
have that window where the cancer marker will go down with TACE,
Im hoping and praying they find you a liver during that time.

We all love you, you have to know that,
Many Hugs
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Best wishes, hopes and prayers out to you Hector.  You and your Dr have been through a lot.  Here's hoping for that window and then making it happen. You are a rock!!!
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, Hector.
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That stinks Hector.  

Still continuing to pray that the TACE will bring those numbers down.  If anyone can do it, you can.

Daily, I will picture those numbers in my head decreaseing and getting to where they need to be.

Lots of hugs and only good wishes with prayers coming your way.

Life sure isn't fair at times.

Still rooting for you....lots of people are....


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Dear Hector,we are all thinking and praying  for You.!!!You are strong ,I believe  your treatment will make a difference and everyone around you will come forward to do everything for you  so your transplant will come  at the time when you need it .Hang on tough as you  always do ,stay positive and let us know how you are  feeling ,we are here for you  and we are here to support you .Love Naya
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I am so sorry to hear this news, Hector. I know this is devastating. You are such a strong person and such a fighter. I am hoping the TACE Tx works and lowers your AFP number so you can get your transplant. Hang in there, Hector, like you have always done. I am wishing you the best and sending hugs your way.
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Hector, I am so sorry this is happening to you. I am praying that you treatment works and you will be able to get your transplant.
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Wishing you much love and light, Hector.

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Hi, Hector,

I know you are not a fan of natural treatment options.

But since your situation seems grave, i would simoly like to tell you what i would try, beyond the TACE, to reduce the AFP.

I would take a very high daily resveratrol treatment, using 99% pure resveratrol, spread over the day in 10 doses of 1 gram each, taking half of it each time by oral cavity absorption.

This might help to reset the gene expression pattern of the tumor cells towards reduced AFP expression.
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Re:  "In case some have wondered what happened to me..."  
Some?!?  I think a lot have been wondering, and it's so good to get word.

You are being held in the minds and hearts of so many on a daily basis, and we are always looking for updates on you.

I hope the TACE tx did its thing and your AFP number will plummet. I sure hope this all works out for you and we will all be waiting to hear.


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Faithforhealing that was an adorable response. So so true. We are all in a state of prayer and hope.
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I was not a fan of Natural treatment options, but after relapse in 2007 my hepatologist said I probably had 6 years until I would advance to stage 4. I went from 0-2 the 6 prior years. I had such bad side effects from Interferon the wait for non-interferon  treatments was further off in the future.  I read about your anti-fibrotic therapy and I thought what could it hurt.  I'd just have really expensive urine said my husband.  Well it's 6 years and I'm still stage 2, went up 1 grade only.  I'm now a believer and so glad I took your recommendations.  

I hope Hector trys the resveratrol .  God Bless Hector.
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Wishing you all the best Hector
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