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Natural Interferon From Foods

Interferon is a substance produced by the body's white cells to fight infections, cancer, allergies and toxic chemical poisoning. Interferon can be made artificially and injected for some cancers and viral infections like hepatitis C. Studies indicate that many natural substances can activate the body's own production of interferon. Some better known natural interferon boosters are:

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Chlorophyll: a plant pigment which can be found in a long list of green leafy vegetables and algae like spirulina, chlorella and barley green.
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Shiitakes help the body make interferon

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This is a little off subject. I just wanted everybody to know that I had a bad toxic bile problem. I had been using Kyolic organic garlic, in the pill for years, with no help. After one week of raw garlic, the problem was alleviated. I was suppost to have died eight years ago, I have hep-c. I have found out the more raw I go, the better I get.
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Please give me a sample of your diet for a day. I mean tell me .There have been times that I have gotten better.Right now I am on one of those good rolls but all I want to eat is Dairy,Cottage cheese ,yogurt,buttermilk.chicken soup full of vegies just for the vitamins daily.So I would love to know more about your raw.If you want you can P.M. me I know some people are sensitive about their diet and prefer to keep it to themselves.
Thanks Snow
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This  would be your best bet.

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Thanks1 are you an Irish Danny boy?Just wondering I am Cree  (midji') and Irish.Kelly is family name.
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You're welcome...I have mixed ancestry,French Canadian,my paternal grandma was a Mic Mac indian,some african american from a few generation back.
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thank you so much for information.. god bless glenda
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