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New England Blizzard of 2013

Small flakes started falling about 7am Friday morning 2/8, started accumulating about noontime.  The Governor declared a state of emergency, closed the state highways, and everyone hunkered down.  When all was said and done, the snow  finally stopped this morning and the sun shone through finally at about 9am.  The conditions overnight were appropriately called blizzard-like... 75 mph wind gusts, with snow falling at 2-3" per hour or more.  The flakes became incredibly humongous, looking like white silver dollars swirling in the wind as they fell, blanketing everything in sight at a phenomenal rate.

Total snowfall tallies this morning range from 32" on up... there are areas where drifts are 5-6 feet.  No damage and no loss of power for me, but roads are impassable, and it will be a while before the whole state recovers...  the local news had a high-speed 24-hour video of a street corner not far from me, and it's pretty incredible:


Hope all here and there are well. ~eureka
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Eureka, glad to read that you're safe and sound, have power, and doing OK. Well wishes for everyone in the northeast feeling the effects of the storm.
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So glad to see your name, I was thinking about you during the snow, hoping you were safe and warm. Heard you all got a lot of snow.
Thank you for posting
All my best
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Hey the video was really cool, thanks so much for sharing
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