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Off color sailing story

It was a dog day of August on Long Island Sound.  The type of day hated by all residents of Connecticut, especially sailors:  no wind, the smell of thunderstorms in the air and lots of heat and humidity.
My wife and I decided to anchor in Westport Harbor behind one of the Norwalk Islands.  There is a submerged rock in the harbor with no buoys to mark its position.  We carefully navigate past the rock to find a safe place to anchor.   After lots of debate, we decide on a place to anchor so that we can relax and read.
Just as we settle in, a decrepit power boat motors out of Westport Harbor and anchors near us.  It has about 5 - 6 men and women on board in their early twenties.  After a few minutes  a women and two men get into a dinghy and motor into the beach on the island.  The man driving the dinghy heads back to the boat leaving the couple on the beach.
After a few minutes we hear thunder in the distance and I start measuring the time between the lightening strike and the thunder.  I can tell by the rapid decrease in time that the storm is rapidly approaching.  We get the boat ready for the storm just in time as the rains starts shortly after we get the hatches closed.  
The couple on the beach decide to swim back to the beach.  They strip naked and start swimming while they hold their clothes above their heads with one hand. Just then, a good samaritan on a jet ski approaches the women and offers her a ride back to the boat.  She gives him her clothes and he takes them back to the boat and returns for her.  
As they pass my boat, she stands up and gives me a good flash. They climb up on the boat and she can't resist another flash.  I tell my wife that I am going to flash her back and she lets me know that I will experience a very unpleasant month if I do that.  
The rain finally stops and we decide to pull up the anchor and head back to the harbor.     As we are motoring back, the naked women can't seem to resist another opportunity for a flash.  She gets on the jet ski and starts circling my boat, standing up every time she is along side.
Bam -- I hit the rock!  Just goes to show you that thirty years of navigation and safe boating go out the window when confronted by a naked woman.
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****!!!  I did not expect that ending. I would have thought she would be the one falling embarrassingly into the water...

Thanks for sharing one more of your stories. I cannot wait for more!!! I love the way you write, I feel like I am there experiencing it every time.

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It's been a while.  Always good to read one of your stories.  
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What a great adventure...
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and I am sure your wife wasnt happy, or if she is like me she just laughed at you!!

miss sailing hopefully this summer we can be back in the water!
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