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Officially SVR

Just got my post 24-week results from the Gilead ION-2 study.  I'm SVR.

We thought I was SVR at 12-weeks, but Gilead was following the old rules for SVR, so didn't tell me until week 24.

Also, there were ten people treated at my clinic.  Nine reached SVR.  Four of those that did were cirrhotic.
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Awesome news congrats!!!  The long wait for SVR results was worth it..

Ion-2 was a fixed dose sofosbuvir/ledispasvir combo, did you get with or with RIBA in this study? Also how many weeks did you get?

From seeing these results with this combo in other studies too, it is working very well for geno 1s.
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Congrats on the great news!  You are leading the charge.  I am hoping that one of these new combos will work for us who are more difficult to treat.  I have treated twice  (non responder w/SOC and viral breakthrough in the INF/RBV/9451/5885 Gilead trial).  Like you I am a 1a and Stage 3 so hoping that the cure comes soon!  
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Fantastic news!!! Congrats!!!!!
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That's great news! Congrats!
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Congratulations Eki, and welcome to the SVR club!
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A huge congrats to you, and what is really cool is this side it feeling up with SVR's......... Really great to see.
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Yes, with RIBA.

Also, no one built any kind of resistance that we know of.  So the one who failed will possibly get a regimen that's just longer than the rest of us.
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Congrats!!  It's about time :)
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That is fabulous news. Congratulations!
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hurrah! congratulations - Its so good to read those 3 little letters SVR
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congratulations! isnt it a brill feeling
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Congratulations and all the best to you.
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Yaaaaaay! You must feel so good. Wishing you a great new life without HCV to worry about.
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Congrats Eki!  This is wonderful news
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Really great to hear there were no resistance issues in your trial, with the one failure (awwe!) Maybe that means we will all be SVR someday. If the harder ones to treat only have to treat longer than the rest, then I'd think that's pretty close to a perfect regimen.

Thank you for posting!
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Me too! I just heard today.  ION-2  trial, now SVR.  Congrats Eki1!!
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I think the chances are good, because the one that failed went undetectable at 4 weeks and then relapsed.  With no resistance, that tells me the treatment worked, it just wasn't long enough...but I'm just an amateur.  I might be wrong.
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Yay Purplecat, so happy for you and everyone! ION-2 was a great trial (except for only one person) and I know you're so excited to hear your good news!!! I'm very excited about these new meds!

Eki1, I'm thinking along the same lines as you are for the one person who relapsed. This is still very promising even with just one relapse that the odds are on just about everyone's side that they will SVR with this set amount of weeks. Even with a small number of relapsers, and since they won't build resistance, trying an extend tx using same meds is a very likely choice, I think. Yahoo!!!  
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Great news!  
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