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Pain on my left side enlarged spleen

i need advice i waz dionagosed with hep c 4 yrs ago went to doctor had biopsy done didnt need treatment at dat time and i waz on visits all the time to the hep doctor they done an ultra sound 3 yrs ago and found dat i had an elargeed spleen and fatty on my liver i havent went back any suggestions bouth the pain i have on me left side my spleen ..thanks irishangel
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Just got an invitation as a friend. I found out in 2003 about hcv got a referal straight away, but was pregnant with child no 2 and didn't know, after i gave birth and finished breastfeeding I  had a biopsy. At that point I had severe pain in the area of my liver but the results should I didn't have enough fibrosis to be eligible for the 48 week treatment. The government then changed legislation and the next year I started. My advice is go and find out more about your probs and whether thy're to do with hcv asap. I was lucky to get the treatment and fingers crossed have beaten it. Take care Jackie
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Gotta agree with Hector. Four years is too long to go without some additional monitoring. See a doctor, preferable a good hepatologist. Your stage could be advancing. You do not want to get to an advanced stage of liver disease as then TX will be difficult or perhaps not possible. Checking on this early or often is much preferable to allowing the disease fo go unchecked until treatment is no longer an option. It could be nothing to worry about, but the consequences of guessing wrong are too great to be taken lighrly.

Hope it is nothing to worry about and you are fine.

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You had a biopsy done 4 years ago but you didn't need HCV treatment. Was that your decision, your doctor's or both?
What stage and grade did your biopsy results show?
What did your doctor say about you having an enlarged spleen and fatty liver?
Future issues?

My suggestion is that if you are concerned, go back to your doctor and find out what what the pain is about.

Good luck.
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