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Passing The Time on Tx

What do you guys do to fill up time when you're on treatment and just sitting around feeling like warmed over crud?  Please don't even bother saying exercise...
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What I do is spend too much time on this machine.

I lay around, listen to music, the radio, watch comedies.
Eat brownies.

And yes, I get outside when I can and walk. That's it for  the unmentionable.
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Audiobooks and embroidery.  Make lists of snacks/food containing 20 grams of fat.Shop online. Getting out of the house helps....I won't mention the "e" word, but just getting out helps.

Coming here and venting helps, too.  

Hang in there!!!
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Ways to pass the time:

  I am spending alot of time doing research on the computer too and because of that... I have many new interests now!  I have researched old cartoons and shows and have tried to brush up on subjects I though I knew something about, only to continually find out that I am even more clueless than I thought I was!  

  I also feel like someone sort of sent me to live-in library for tx. I really am trying to take advantage of this time in my life to research out things I've always been curious about.  I even have my whole family involved in my crazy finds!

  I am told that sexual energy is our most powerful energy, well since thats out...i guess I'm using that energy to get excited about educating my brain!

  I also like to feel the cool on my skin, so the night air is a pleasure and star gazing is relaxing, cause just trying to keep yourself calmed down is a trick in itself!
  If your Artistic or want to pass the time, i suggest trying abstract art forms because it allows you to NOT get frustrated about doing detail.

Try journaling your thoughts and feelings and perhaps try writing poetry!  

  Nows the time to open the "Can of Knowledge"...it's overflowing and waiting for you to reach in and grab some !!!!

  I hope some of these suggestions helped!
God bless and have beautiful SVR New Year !!!
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Love the responses to your question!  For me, I find I have become WAY too addicted to this forum, so my New Year's resolution is.......to be on my computer less.  

Audiobooks are great for when you're not feeling well but you're not exactly sleepy either.  I used to love to sketch when I was a kid.  Was never brillant at it but I remember it relaxed me.  So try to remember that kind of stuff, where you don't have to focus much, and it still takes your mind away to somewhere peaceful.
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  I also wanted to share an amazing site on the Internet that educates you by the top scientists with all of the latest theories and latest finds and newest inventions and ideas to help better mankind.  It's really an amazing and thought provoking site!

  I would also like to recommend that you save all your journals or writings in medhelp that supplies the best answers or worst...depending on where ya wanna go with that info!   Seriously, if you save these journals, it will make for some great and informative reading material for others as well as yourself on TX.  You will be able to go back over what you've written in the end and watch how your brain changes and be able to see how you start to come back to sanity and heal!
Or perhaps you Can put together enough material together to make an amazing SVR book to sell!
God bless and have fun when you possibly can!
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Ooooops, sorry, TED is the name of the awesome educational forum, and it looks like I reported myself again!
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Even tho I am on an all oral med, I had to give up my reflux medicine due to absorption issues so I am having gut pain all the time and this is tiring.  What I do when I feel like c. .  . is I go to the flicks.  I dress in black, get some popcorn and pop, sit in the middle and see stuff that takes me away.  I am esp interested in flicks that show a person, animal or people that have overcome enormous odds to triumph over adversity.  I loved Hugo in 3D and War Horse was pretty good.  I am headed out to see The Darkest Hour in 3D.  Anything to take my mind off stuff.  As long as I don't forget a pill I'm good.  
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That's an interesting question, I have multiple avenues or talents I can use, painting, creamics music, etc., but it doesnt always work out. Malaise, depression, being ill all play factors
But that is the key to success, refusing to lay down and succumb.

Stay active.
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One more~
A great link for free movies, shorts, animation,lots of oldies, and more.
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