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Posting etiquette ?

I have NO idea on this, so any 'h*ll no's' are okay! :}

Is it proper forum 'etiquette' to post my link (in profile) for my upcoming MDA ride?
I got chosen to be one of the 500 women :}  :} in the largest womens ride in HD history benefiting MDA camps for Jerrys kids. I will be JUST off of tx and doing it, sick or not! (having someone take bike over there, not up to that.) But is that okay to do??

Thanks, LL
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I used to post sailing stories all the time.  I only had positive feedback when I did it and I think you will as well.

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But for a benefit, as in 'if anyone's interested?'

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Regardless of what the   'etiquette' is, send the link to me. Thanks, R. Glass
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Live to Ride, Ride to Live.
In the spirit of the freedom and the ride AND 'paying it forward',
Thank you

nuff said :}
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Actually, I'm going to pm you later today! Have to run now, but thought of something :}

And I'm GONNA make it if I have to put training wheel's on the dang thing!

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The movie 'Pay it Forward' JUST came on whatever channel I have on!!

Now that was odd!!

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