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after 2 years plus, I recieved a letter from social security for medical SSI.  I have an attorney at this point but I wonder if anyone knows if this is a sign I will also be approved for my SSDI?  I really have no clue if this is the right forum to post this question on, so I hope I do not upset anyone.  I just got all "happy" and then I re-read the form letter and saw SSI and knew that was not SSDI.  any comments would be appreciated.
I have paid in so much all my life and spent all my savings and sold all but my home pretty much.  I live off of the goodness of my friends and really want to return the monies I have been given.

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a good friend of mine used to be a SS lawyer, and I started picking his brain in order to help some friends I've made on these hep c boards...he's the one that was pretty impressed with this guy's blog, and says it's a fairly accurate, step by step description of the journey...maybe you can get something from it...good luck...

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thank you as always you are kind.  I talked to my attorney and he went over it with me(??)  It's all good for us both so it seems.  my wait is over and all the loads of taxes I paid will begin coming back in feb of this year.

thank u for ur kindness
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Congratulations this is good you are getting the money. Sometimes the letters can be confusing to read.

I authored a petition that over 2,838 people have signed. It is on Change.org titled: Help Our Most Vulnerable Get Back On Their Feet. There is so much helpful current information in this petition that was launched on 12-09-15. Please if you have time read it and if you agree sign and share with as many people as you know that are on SSI. Thank you. Jason

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